Michael Vick Dog Chew Toys (LOL!)


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Michael Vick got busted for illegal dogfighting recently.

Now a company is selling chew toys resembling him.

They are already sold out and these things are now being listed on eBay for quite the pretty penny:

HOT! Michael Vick dog chew toy atlanta Falcons nfl - (item 170138022393 end time Aug-12-07 13:12:04 PDT)

Here's an article about the new chew toys:

Take a bite out of Vick, with a Dog Chew Toy - NFL - MSNBC.com

The company, selling the toy for $10.99, promises that the toy is "so strong and flexible, it will challenge every breed -- especially the pit bull."
Haha. Talk about cashing in on somebody else's bad press. :D


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Ah, the benefits of a capitalist society.

It's not right that people are taking advantage of him right now. We don't know if he did it. To me, honestly, it sounds like his friends are taking advantage of his big name in order to cut their own deals and run.