Michael Steele vs. Rush Limbaugh

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    YouTube - Rush Limbaugh VS. RNC Chm. Michael Steele - 03/02/09

    This is probably the best thing happening in politics right now, in my opinion. Quick recap, Michael Steele was on D.L. Hughley's show on CNN, where he said that he was the leader of the Republican party, not Rush Limbaugh, and went on to say that Limbaugh was just an entertainer and a talking head media star. Rush Limbaugh responds on his program by saying that Steele was trying to be a talking head media star instead of doing his job, and essentially said that Steele was supporting Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

    Personally, I think it's great. I don't have a problem with the Republican party itself. I do have a problem with Rush Limbaugh. I personally think it's great that the current leader of the Republican party is trying to take the reins away from him as the spokesman. Steele seems to me like he's an intelligent and reasonable person, and if he becomes the new voice of the Republican party, then the country will be much better off for it in my mind.

    So what are your thoughts on this? Are you "picking a side" with either Steele or Limbaugh, as it were? What do you think of the fact that Limbaugh has come under so much fire recently?

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    I had high hopes for Steele, but clearly the guy is just an idiot. Conservatives have abondoned the Republican party. This is not the way to woo back the largest voting block in the country. The guy wants to be cool in front of DL Hughley. He comes off like a guy that will say anything to be in the "in" crowd. There's nothing good or respectful about that.

    CNN took a very small snipet of Rush's response. It's helpful to see the response in its entireity: A Few Words for Michael Steele

    Here's the critical part for me:
    Steele's just another slick politician.

    Furthermore, he really is an idiot. DL Hughley probably has less than 100K viewers and very few of them would vote Republican. Limbaugh however, has 22Million, most likely Republican voters. If you're going to build the Republican party, the first step would be to go before the base and beg for forgiveness for putting McCain on the ticket and for abondoning the principles of the party.

    I'll make a wager that Steele's out the door in 7 days. This is just the dumbest thing the leader of the party could ever say.
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    Well, he made a public apology to Rush recently anyhow. However, I don't see how going on a show of people who aren't likely to vote Republican's a terrible idea. I mean, taking on Rush is not the smartest move politically, but can you really blame him for wanting to take the reins of the Republican party away from Rush Limbaugh? Ron Paul said it best when he said that it's very sad that the Republican party's most influential member doesn't even hold an office.
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    Wow. The GOP is really caught between a rock and a hard place here. With progressives putting forth a massive effort to sell the idea the GOP is run by Limbaugh--someone most of the public hates--and the inability of people in the GOP to say otherwise without eventually cracking and apologizing to Rush. This is beating a party while it's down at its finest. What makes the whole deal even sweeter to me, is that Rush and dittoheads are working with their opponents on this one.
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    The Replublican party can dry up and wither away for all I care. Given the opportunity to vote for a Conservative, the American people ALWAYS vote for the conservative. The Republican party fails when they put forth moderates and start acting like tax and spend liberals.

    Look at the last elections:
    McCain - moderate - lost
    Bush - conservative - won (Bush ran as a conservation, even though he wasn't much of one)
    Dole - moderate - lost
    Bush - moderate - lost
    Bush - conservative(extend Reagan legacy) - won
    Reagan - conservative - won
    Ford - moderate - lost
    .....and so forth
    The only real conservative that lost was Barry Goldwater, but that was hardly a fair fight given the JFK assination.

    The thing is, America is a conservative nation. Self sufficiency, lower taxes, less government. Those values are going to win the day even if the Republican party dies. I actually like the Republican party breaking up. Soon, the same thing is going to happen to the Democrat party after this spending bill fails and I welcome the reasonable Democrats that will join the outcast Republicans in returning to a smaller, more responsible government.
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    Polls show that Americans are all over the map when it comes to the issues. The last time we were given a chance to pick a president, we picked a man conservatives were calling a socialist, and the most liberal member of the senate. Now you can rationalize that however you like, but it tells me that the image of America conservatives like to promote is a tad bit fictional. The America I've always known is a diverse place filled with unique folks with political views all over the map, and not a nation comprised of people who listen to talk-radio and worship Reagan: though I've known some of them too.

    The fact of the matter is that if the Republican party lets itself get marginalized, a new party comprised only of the conservative fringe isn't going to rise from its ashes like a phoenix to dominate at the polls. One of the huge problems for the GOP as far as being connected to Limbaugh is concerned, is that women tend to hate Limbaugh. I'm not quite sure how the GOP has lasted as long as it has as a national party without appealing in a major way to women and minorities; but the world is a'changing, and not in a way favorable to any party that wants to echo Limbaugh.
  7. MenInTights

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    ...who ran against a man most conservatives were calling a liberal.
  8. Malificus

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    So a conservative America would prefer socialism over a liberal republican?
  9. MenInTights

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    liberal Republican or socialist... what's the difference? At least when Obama starts talking about signing the Koyoto treaty the Republican party will fight him. If McCain brings the same policies to the table as Obama, there's nobody that will take him on.
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    Considering the fact that the conservative ideology gained it's main support because of the Cold War, and the fact that the Cold War is over now, I don't think that America's voting record during the Cold War Era can be a proper tool for judging how America will vote in the future.

    Regardless, the problem with Rush Limbaugh isn't that he's a conservative. The problem is that he's really just not a good person. That has nothing to do with his political standpoint, and more to do with the fact that he's just plain hateful. The Republican party really shouldn't associate themselves with him, especially now that the country's political pendulum has swung back over the the liberal side.

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