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Movies Michael Cera


Film Elitist
So yeah, about this guy...

I know he was big in arrested development and a few movies her and there but to pose as Devil's Advocate for a moment, isn't anyone tired of him yet?

Cera does anything but play himself in most of his roles. He can't do anything else. He's typecast in every one of his movies as the dry, timid teenager.

I enjoyed him thoroughly in SUPERBAD but he's getting old... figuratively speaking of course.


Registered Member
Personally, I love him. I mean, it's true, he tends to be typecast and is the same role in every movie he's in... but for whatever reason I like it and it works for him... But that's just me...


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I only liked him in Superbad, all of his roles are pretty much the same. He's one dimensional, I don't see him portraying a serious character. He's probably only going to do comedy movies all his acting career.


Problematic Shitlord
Agreed, he's good for one role and one role alone. It would be nice to see him outside of that safe zone. Then again, some guys just work with the whole "awkward humor" category.


Sally Twit
I enjoyed Superbad and Juno. It's true that he plays the same character but his character always fits in the films. I am looking forward to Year One.


Creeping On You
As long as he always gets cast in those roles, I think he'll have a long career. However, I think people might get tired of him soon if he doesn't start widening his horizons.


Living on the 0th floor
He has become pretty stale to me as well. I never really enjoyed him from the beginning, so now as time goes on it is only getting worse and worse. Like Cons said, I think as long has he can be cast in the same type roles he will have a good long career, but he will never make it on my list of favorite movie stars.


For a Free Scotland
Like Orlando Bloom, unable to play different roles. Unlike Orlando Bloom, plays a pretty good role despite that.


Oh, poppycock.
I loved him in Arrested Development. Like loveloved<3. He's like the only person who hasn't signed on for the movie, but i sure hope he does!
Other than that, I thought he was adorable in Juno. I know he's the same type in every movie, but there was something about him in Juno. I don't think anyone could have done it better. Looks, and just his mannerisms too.

I would definitely be interested to see him in a serious role though.