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Movies Michael Bay Movies


aka ginger warlock
I was listening to a podcast on my way home from work of a review for the Martin Scorsese film "The Departed", in the discussion the comparison between Michael Bay and Steven Spielburg came up in the sense that Spielerg could take a mediocre script and turn it into a great film where as Michael Bay could be given a great script and make a mediocre film.

Now I like some of Bay's films namely Bad Boys and Bad Boys II but (and this may be the inner movie snob in me) I see most of his films and cannot help but feel that they are mostly bad movies with lots of effects and lots of explosions. Now there is a market for that and that's fine. I am in no position to tell people nor would I want to tell people what they should enjoy or what they should watch, will I give my honest opinion of why I think a film is utter shite? I certainly will but I would never dream of telling someone not to watch a film because I didn't like it.

What I do wonder though is does Bay have anything else in him as a director? Some of the great directors are people who can turn their hands to films and even if they have never done that genre before can do it very well. James Cameron has made some films I dislike very much and he has done some of the greatest films to hit the cinema, Ridley Scott has done a similar job and whilst he has limited himself somewhat Takashi Miike has brought out some of the most shocking films cinema has ever seen.

Bay may find a new niche, he may find a different project that will break away from what he has done in the past and I would love to see that! And I am not saying that because I hate his films, he has found a way to be successful in cinema much more than I have so hey, good luck to the guy but I would also like to see him do something that is going to blow me away and possibly change my opinion.

This is of course my opinion and mine alone, what is yours?