Miami Still Interested In Maggette


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah I don't think Maggatee is on the trading block anymore, because the President of the team likes him to much, and he has reportedly told Elgin Baylor not to trade him. So the Heat are going to need to look else ware to help there ball club.


^^ Well I don't think Maggette would have been able to help them anyways. The Heat have the right players, as seen by the 2006 Championship win but this season has been a bad one for them. Injuries weakened the team and they haven't gotten back to their rhythm. I'm not postive about this but I'm sure that Payton and Mourning will be retiring soon, if not at the end of the season so the Heat will need to find players to replace them. I'm thinking that they will need another guard and maybe a backup center. Doleac isn't that good and they're going to need someone long-term to back up Shaq once Mourning leaves.