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This could fit one of a few Forums, so I just stuck it here as to me, it's more 'art' than anything else.

Does anyone else watch this show? Their are some pretty amazing tattoo's, some pretty inspirational ones.

I thought the portrait tattoo's were the best. I have a medium sized tattoo on my forearm, but I might go for a portrait.


"There can be only one!"
Off-topic, but I hate the history channel, it's full of bullshit propeganda, but in the theme of history, I like how they used to do tattoo's without machines, and in some cultures, they still do.


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I haven't caught a London Ink episode yet but I watch the other two all the time. Gives me ideas for my next ones and some of them are so dang in depth that they are awesome. I never was one for portraits though.


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I love Miami Ink but have not watched London Ink. Some of the tattoos done on Miami Ink were absolutely incredible. I'm not surprised why they charge their customers so much. They are extremely talented.


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When you think about it, they don't charge that much, when you consider how-much street-art can cost to have done.
My Son had his portait taken by a street artist in Paris at Christmas and it was only €46.00 [it was perfect]. I'd have paid 6x that for the exact same in a Tattoo.
London Ink is crap. The owner is a fanny. If I went there, I'd be fussy about who did my Tattoo.
I think a couple of the artists are and will always be great, but I don't think the shop will take off.

If the did a 'Glasgow Ink' that would be way better. I know of an exellent shop in Glasgow and the familly is well known all over the world by artists and collecters.
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haven't caught london ink yet. watched miami and la. i prefer la cause even though i've heard kat von d is a bitch, shes very talented and hot.


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I like Miami ink and I've watched a lot of episodes. I've been meaning to see the other series, but haven't got around to it yet