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Miami Adds Undersized PG Brian Chase



Less than a week after losing out on Bucks free agent guard Charlie Bell, the Heat has added former Jazz point guard Brian Chase.

Listed anywhere from 5-feet-7 to 5-feet-10, Chase started last season with the Utah Jazz before finishing in the NBA Development League. He then spent time in the offseason on the Wizards' summer roster.

Chase, 25, is the fifth Heat prospect to be given a partial guarantee this offseason, joining Green, center Joel Anthony, and forwards Marcus Slaughter and Jeremy Richardson.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't know what's wrong with the Heat this off-season, but they cannot sign anyone thats a proven player in the league, they tried to get Pietrus it failed, they tried to get Bell it failed, and now they get this guy. Other then Parker, they haven't got anyone that could improve there team. I rate their off-season as a failure, because they haven't dont anything to improve.


Aw, Here It Goes!
How desperate is this, why do they even need him the signed Smush and already Quinn with J-Dub as their starter not to mention Wade can play point what do they need another PG for?


Registered Member
im guessing they know Smush is actually a SG so they plan for him to be backup SG for the Heat and Brian Chase will back up for Williams, thats my guess
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