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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by wolfblade, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. wolfblade

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    Well to my shock no one has written anything about Eva (MGS3) anyhow shes back in 4 and she don`t look to old or in a coffin which is weird. well rumor has it that Eva is solid snakes mother, because to clone big boss u needed a woman you know. well not only solid snakes mom, les infants de teribles project(my french always did suck) . there is a picture going around, but i can`t post it yet. i think that Eva maybe a bit too old for that, big boss is dead and eva couldn`t have been very young in MGS3 so she should be dead. People tell me your opinions :).
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  2. Altanzitarron

    Altanzitarron Tamer Of The LOLzilla

    I had the theory that Eva may turn out to be Solidus Snakes mother instead of him actually being a clone. The way he just seems to pop up from nowhere and seems older seemed a lil strange. Then again if Snake is suffering from accelerated age in this one I guess Solidus could have to. I'm still unsure about the MGS4 trailer that had young snake in it I wonder if the aging gets reversed or maybe just another clone running around?
  3. pikachu07

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    i thought that something would go down with eva because big boss and her got down in mgs3 and so i had a theory as well that she would be the mother of solid snake also snake does look really old in the previews of four, also does snake have to kill himself?? to destroy the memes in him
  4. shyguyjster

    shyguyjster Registered Member

    the reason snake looks younger in part of the trailer is the octo-cam camo thingy snake has, it was just to show off the capabilities of the octo-cam and to give fans a rise of off seeing young snake.
  5. Grayfox_1

    Grayfox_1 New Member

    i guess it could be possible. Eva couldnt have been much older than 25 in Metal Gear Solid 3. Oh and Snake looks so old because as you should know he was injected with FOXDIE

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