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MFW Vega goes on a posting spree


Registered Member
When did this pointless pile of garbage get here? I haven't been here for like... 1.5 weeks maybe?

I'm making some god damned hockey videos and you're screwing around with some stupid Red Sox fan. God called and he said there's this thing called a "life" that's been waiting for you but you never picked up. He want's to know when you're going to come around and get it.


I ♥ Haters
You see those little dates under our posts? Those are time stamps. We made fun of you about a week ago. Everyone's moved on.

And as an ass pie that's been trying to get a hold of Chameleon, a dude who hasn't been online in nearly a year, just to answer his stupid irrelevant questions, you should not be telling anyone to get a life. Your neckbeard is so gross and stinky, I can smell it through my smartphone screen.