Mexican Night!


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My Mother and I want to do a Mexican night sometime next week. Any ideas of recipes that I should look up? I mean, what would be the essentials? Anything you've created that you think would be a good addition? Let me know!


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Well duuuuh. Haha! What I'm wondering is, is there anything that most people don't do that would be fun to make? I should have specified that.


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Every night was Mexican night at my house growing up:)

I would suggest enchiladas or carne guisada with rice and beans. Both are relatively easy to make.
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mexican night makes me think of chili con carne, tacos (host of toppings available), and margarita :shifteyes:


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Get yourself some bagged cheese. I use the "fiesta blend" or "colby jack." Buy the tortillas with the bubbles in them. They come in flavors like sun-dried tomato and jalapeno cheddar. Cut up some raw chicken breast (or steak, or none) and season to taste and cook it in a pan. Add vegetables to taste --I use green peppers, mushrooms, and red peppers. Put it all in the tortilla, to taste, with the cheese and fold it over.

Bingo. Scuba Steve's chicken quesadilla.