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    Alright last year they had a good team, and should of made the playoffs, but because of their bullpen losing all those games for them, they just missed them. This off season they signed one of the best closers in the league in K-Rod and they went to get Putz as well, who will now be the set up man.

    How do you think the Mets will fair this season.

  2. Ryuk

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    Still won't make the playoffs. As we've noted elsewhere on here the additions of K-Rod (assuming there isn't something the Angels know that we don't) and Putz are good pickups, however outside of Johan it's a pretty poor rotation and an offense that is most likely going to be carried by two guys at this point in Wright and Reyes, or if anything they're the only two who you can guarantee will put up great numbers. Add in you're contending with a Phillies team that has the best lineup in the NL if not the game and a young Marlins team that just keeps getting better. I see them as a third place team.
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    Third place? Really? I'm sorry, we're just alot better than third place. We're winning the division this year. We beat the Phillies 11-8 in the season series last year and that wasn't a fluke. Need I remind you that we also beat the Yankees in a season series 4-2. And the Marlins? Really? We have a great team this year. And we really have more than Reyes and Wright in our offense. Also, your highly over-rating the Phillies. Even though they won the Series last year, there not even close to as good as what your describing them as.
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    Do your really think for a split second that because the Mets beat the Phillies in the season series that it somehow diminishes their World Championship? Gee guess that means that the 07 Soxs title is garbage because the Yankees won the season series against them. You know if the Mets were that good that they won said season series then why didn't they make the playoffs?

    It's also fascinating how Mets fans consistently bring up the Subway Series as if it's the end all be all of everything in their baseball world, that six "attraction" games as I'll call them somehow have more bearing and relevance than the 19 against in division rivals which are typically more important in where a team is in the standings and playoff race. Personally if I were a Mets fan I'd be much more concerned with how I do against the Phils, Braves and Marlins, aka the teams that are consistently a thorn in their side in some way shape or form.

    After that all I'm reading is "The Mets will win it all because I say so", so would you care to elaborate as to why you think they're so good? At least I noted that outside of Santana I think it's an unimpressive rotation and outside of the two aforementioned players I don't see anything in the offense that "wows" me and convinces me they're a contender. Even Met homers Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts have gone on record recently and said that this Mets team is a middle of the road team that will not be winning the division. So if you have reasons why you think they're a world beater team then please give us the specifics.
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    See, as a Mets fan, nothing comes logistical. We just have feelings about seasons. I know its stupid, but I have a feeling about this year. Maybe the odds are against us, but least years second half (besides September) was pretty damn good. Call me stupid, but I have a good feeling about 2009.
  6. Ryuk

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    Well I'm not going to tell you to not have an opinion or a take, but I don't hold alot of credibility in saying "We're winning because my gut says so". If you think the Mets are going to win the division then I think you should make some good logical points as to why, I'm not saying I'm going to agree but it will sound alot better than "I just have a feeling they'll win it all".
  7. metsforever7515

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    Okay, for starters (no pun intended) our bullpen blew 7 games for Santana last year. Even without those 7 games he still went 16-7 with a 2.53 ERA. So, with the revamped bullpen he could have at least 20 wins. Yes, he is the only proven pitcher in that rotation. But Oliver Perez has shown some improvement over the past few years, going 10-7 last year, and 15-10 the year before. He has a 2 sides to him but when he's on, he's on. As for Mike Pelfrey, he went 13-10 last season and if I remember correctly, there was a stretch where he went 8-0 in 8 desicions. The bullpen speaks for itself (K-Rod and Putz, also the addition of not too shabby Sean Green). Heilman and Schoenweis (who blew most of the games last year) are both gone. Okay so that's pitching.

    Also the Phillies J.C. Romero (a big part of that 'pen last year) got suspended for 50 games, due to a performance enhancing drug.

    As for the offense, Reyes and Wright can produce. Delgado ended last year great. And, as much as I hate the guy, Castillo apparently feels like a completely diffferent person so that could be good. Ryan Church started off really good last yearr before he got those 2 concussions. Angel Pagan was on a tear before he made that diving play into the stands in LA. Also, up and coming Daniel Murphy hit .313 last year. Beltran, while not particularly clutch, always hits a good .275 with 25-35 home runs. Schneider I'm not gonna even try to defend. That guy sucks.

    I think I've covered everything, every position I could, and plead my case. It's up to you to decide what you think but personally, I think we have what it takes to win the division.
  8. Ryuk

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    Wasn't so difficult now was it?

    Personally I don't agree with most of that but that's my two cents just as much as what you wrote is yours, that's all.
  9. metsforever7515

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    Yeah, no need to fight or anything. I'm already in an intense one on another site. :shake:
  10. Ryuk

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    Don't do that, it's the goddamn internet for crying out loud and internet fights are always the most retarded fights imaginable.

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