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Discuss the anime "Metropolis" in this thread?


Detective Shunsuke Ban and his nephew Kenichi have come from Japan to the bustling super-mega-city of Metropolis in search of a missing criminal. They arrive just in time to observe the opening of the celebrations for the inauguration of a new skyscraper-research center, called the Ziggurat. The Ziggurat is the creation of multi-trillionaire Duke Red, who also supplies funding for the Marduk Party, an organization devoted to keeping down insurrectionists among Metropolis' service-robot population. Rock, a young orphan whom the Duke raised, is a highly-placed official within the Party, who has been seen going around Metropolis for reasons unknown.

Shunsuke and Kenichi have evidence leading them to believe that the Duke or someone in the Party is engaged in dealings with the renegade scientist they're chasing. But what is the scientist working on? What is the real plan for the Ziggurat? What are the conditions of the worker robots below Metropolis' city streets? And who could have imagined a film of this scale?