Game Cube Metroid Prime Speed Runs


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'm going to be doing a speed run pretty soon to attempt to break the two hour mark. My personal record is 2:45, but I didn't do any sequence breaking in that run. I think I should be able to get around 1:45 if everything goes well. I'll need to practice beating the bosses quickly, because that's where tons of time can be gained or lost.

I plan on using some of the tricks and a similar route used in the world record 1:03. I will have to change the route a little bit though, because some of the tricks I am not skilled enough to pull off, even with hours of practice.

Here's the world record run. 1:03 done in 16 segments. Definitely worth checking out.

Segment 1 - Space Pirate Frigate Part 1 (the second part of the bomb jump at 1:58 is very tricky and I've never been able to pull it off)
YouTube - Metroid Prime - Speedrun - Segment 1

Segment 2 - Space Pirate Frigate Part 2 (uses a rapid fire missile trick and kills Parasite Queen in a few seconds :lol:)

Segment 3 - Space Jump (This is the first big sequence break of the game, which uses a "scan dash jump" off the back of the ship to a ledge that leads to the space jump boots. Ordinarily you can't get them until after boost ball.)

Segment 4 - Missiles, Morph Ball, Charge Beam, Bombs (Lots of little speed tricks in this segment, like dash jumping. Gets the missile expansion from the halfpipe in Main Plaza, allowing you to skip the Hive Mecha fight. Avoids fighting all the beetles before Morph Ball by dash jumping over the pit.)

Segment 5 - Varia Suit, Artifact of Wild (This segment is pretty cool. The bomb jump over the runic gate at 0:54 is a lot harder than it looks. Uses a trick to beat Flaahgra without knocking over the mirrors. Then the trick at 4:38 allows you to get the artifact without spider ball.)

Segment 6.1 - Artifact of Nature, Boost Ball, Wave Beam (The timing of the bombs from 5:13 to 5:27 might not seem like much, but it's pretty tricky. If you're not fast enough through there, the metal blocks reappear and you have to bomb them over again.)

Segment 6.2 - Artifact of Lifegiver, Ice Beam (Normally you need the gravity suit to get the artifact at 0:40. Climbs the spider ball track without spider ball at 2:28, allowing early ice beam. Triple bomb jump at 3:57 is cool.)

Segment 7 - Power Bomb (Bomb jump over the bars at 1:12 is really hard. This trick lets you skip the crashed frigate part of the game that's underwater. Dash jump at 2:05 skips a large chunk of Phazon Mines. Notice the pirate at 2:30 isn't moving since the game doesn't expect you to be there yet.)

Segment 8 - Plasma Beam (Climbing Phazon Processing Center at 1:40 is pretty tough.)

Segment 9 - Artifact of World (Best part of this segment is the dash jump at 0:52. Without that, I don't think there's any way to get to the door from this direction. I've never tried that jump, but I imagine it's really hard.)

Segment 10 - X-Ray Visor, Artifact of Chozo, Artifact of Warrior (Not sure why he gets the missile at 1:26. Maybe he has time for it before the next room loads, or maybe having the extra missiles saves time later on, like against the Phazon Elite later in this segment. Getting out of Life Grove without fighting the ghosts is tough, as seen at 2:30. Climbs Ore Processing without spider ball at 6:20, which is really hard.)

Segment 11 - Phazon Mines (The dash jump at 1:28 is ridiculous and is the one trick I can't do for skipping spider ball. There's a couple other dash jumps in this segment that look really hard.)

Segment 12 - Phazon Suit, Artifact of Newborn (Kills OP ridiculously fast. If you roll into the room to one of the sides, OP is frozen for a few seconds, as seen at 0:52.)

Segment 13 - Artifact of Elder, Thermal Visor, Artifact of Spirit (2:30 is awesome.)

Segment 14 - Artifact of Sun, Artifact of Strength (Dash jump onto and off of Thardus at 0:59 :shocked:)

Segment 15 - Artifact of Truth, Meta-Ridley (Boosting into Ridley, as seen at 1:49, takes away most of his health.)

Segment 16.1 - Metroid Prime (On the second form, by hitting him with short bursts of phazon you can kill him with three pools instead of four.)

Segment 16.2 - Credits, Mission Final


Guardian of the Light
wow I just watched through 6.2. This guy is just out of his mind! some of the tricks he pulls off are just crazy, the dash jumps that he uses to get places is incredible.

Most of this speedrun depends on getting the space jump boots early.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Yeah man, some of the dash jumps are just ridiculous. They look so easy. And they sound easy. Hold L to lock onto target, push analog stick left or right, tap B, release L. But the timing of all of it has to be so precise. Plus some of them you have to bend in mid air to change directions. Can't wait til you see the Thardus dash in segment 14.