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Wii Metroid Prime 3


Registered Member
I cant believe there isnt a post about this here...

MP3 is the greasted metroid since Super Metroid. I love the controls (turn it to expert in the options)

Its got the greatest story line, along with voice acting (though Samus doesnt talk)

awsome puzzles and boss battles (and some are WAYYYY Tough)

along with the credits system (friend vouchers) that can be traded to unlock some cool stuff (sending screenshots is fun)

Is there anyone out there actually playing Prime 3?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Compared to non-wiimote controls in the previous versions, which do you think is better? I've always been a fan of Nintendo controllers but haven't had a chance to play the Wii much besides arcade style games and Wii Sports.


Registered Member
give MP3 a chance, its the closest to mouse and keyboard you willo get at the moment...

And I think its even better than Prime! I loved that game, didnt get over 50%

Im currently at 67 for MP3, the bosses and puzzles get better and better, some of them are tough as nails, but when you learn what to do, your golden... I spent 3 days on one part alone

the ne HOH game supposedly has better sontrols, but until you play Prime 3 you wont know what I am talking about


Registered User
I don't know, I have always be for the classic games, the first Metroid.

I might try sometime, I don't know yet.