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Metoria's Fiber Arts (Crocheting mostly)


yellow 4!
The pikachu hat is awesome! My favourite one. I also like the one that you said is up on Etsy (although I have no idea what that is, lol).

How long does something like this usually take to do?


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Great work, Metoria! I could never do something like this; it takes a lot of talent, for sure. The Pikachu hat stood out to me, as well...it's spot on, lol!


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My mother crotchets. She makes large quilts and they usually take her a few months. She crotchets a ton of squares or hexagons and then crotchets them all together. If I get unlazy, I could take a picture of the blanket she made for me when I was a young kid. I still have it haha. Very durable.

Good work on your scarves. You add some nice flourishes to the edges. I have friends who attempt to knit or crotchet and their stuff always looks so plain.


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Thanks you guys! :D well scarves take me an accumulated time of maybe 6 hours and hats are a little under. I made an afghan once, XD I tell you those require and extreme attention span! Not sure if Ill do too many of those. Plus mine wasn't really afghan like. Most afghans have those holes in them for design mine was just a plain blanket with a ruffle on the edges. I could photograph it and put it up if you want. X3 I thought I'd blow a gasket making that thing!

Baby blankets are easier! LOL (they're smaller)

and yeah I made the pikachu hat for my friend. He kept saying how he wanted one so I made him one. That one is actually the second version of the hat and the better version. :p The other version is on my Deviant Art account, but I gave him both and he liked both of them LOL I'm glad. I was out of yellow yarn by the time I finished the second one! XD

Yeah my scarves used to be really plain but as I got more experienced I learned a few new things to do to them :3

It takes a lot of patience but when I'm crocheting its the perfect time for meditating too! :D So I never really notice the time going by.. unless I get distracted by things then it takes me longer to make things XD

And Etsy is a site where you can sell handmade crafts of sorts. but since summer is coming I doubt the scarf will sell. I should have put the bag up for sale instead! LOL

Ill post up the afghan I made sometime. As soon as I swipe my sister's camera! LOL

And Smelnick I'd love to see some of your mother's afghans! maybe I could learn how to do them correctly by looking at them LOL!
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I really want to see your work, but I get a "File not found" message. :(


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Thanks! I try to make them stylish and warm! :D

and Dutch Dragon I'll link you to my devient Art Account. All of them are up there. It should work. if Not my user name in Deviant Art is Metoria as well. You can easily search me there! :3

Metoria's Fiber Art on DA


I'm hoping to sell these suckers someday but who knows if that will happen XD