Meter Man Kills Poodle


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Basically, a poodle came running out of its yard and started barking and snapping at the man, he hit it with a metallic rod, and they had to put it down.

Thoughts on this?


This man had a right to defend himself, but I believe he acted a bit rashly. He easily could have stopped the dog without actually injuring it, just to make it go away. He should be sentenced with some form of animal cruelty, but the dog was attacking him so all the blame cannot be on him.


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I see it as a case of unjustified use of excessive force. They have pepper spray for such annoyances and the man was a trained professional. He didn't have to break the dog's face and make it choke to death on its own blood.


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I agree with Tucker on this one, he should of found different methods then actually taking a piece of metal rod and killing the dog. This guy should be charged, it's the same as doing to a human being in my opinion.


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Wow, that's a sad story, especially that the cops say it was justified. How much threat does a small dog like that pose to a grown man? Not enough to strike the dog with a metal rod or antyhing for that matter.


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That is excessive IMO. Buuuuuuuuut there are leash laws for a reason.

Man freaked by a 6 lb. poodle, I know some people are deathly afraid of dogs but geez, they must freak this person out like no other....

Bummer for the family but come on, control your animal. I get sooooo pissed at people with little dogs when I'm walking my dog. I have dobies and they are trained to obey me and the spouse. but people with little dogs seem to think they don't need to train or control them because they are small. Well, guess what? Training does wonders.


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From the sound of it, it looks like he barry bonds that dog. I think he should of lightly kick the dog away until his owner grabbed him or swing his stick back and forth to prevent the dog from getting near him.

When i was in first grade, i remember this big dog was walking up towards me and i kept my cool. i stood very still and he jumped on me sniffing me. i didn't panic and just stood still. He jumped off me and went on his merry way.
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I'm not real sure. Was the guy spooked by it and just instinctively strike out, or did he see it coming and knowingly set to attack it with such force?
I think it's really hard to say without knowing all the details.

Man freaked by a 6 lb. poodle, I know some people are deathly afraid of dogs but geez, they must freak this person out like no other....
I have a slight fear of small dogs. I can't really explain it, but I do.
I love big dogs though. Bullies, boxers, rots, etc. :wub: