Metallica's Treasure Hunt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SamusAran86, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    on the 5th of this month Metallica released there new album, St. Anger... well i decieded to visit there site, not haveing heard much of the new stuff to find a treasure hunt going on, the clue's are not easy (well, least for me) I have found 2 of them (videos of the song's from the new album) Let's see how good we all are in deciphering them (1 & 8 no one here should have a problem with, and if you do... :laugh: ) My problem is i cant figure out the rest, i have ideas, but its now 2:40 AM and i need sleep

    No more hints - only the clues below. Happy hunting!!

    Site 1:
    - This company is the MVP of Maddeningly great sports video games

    Site 2:
    - Your Gates-way to the hottest new music and music news

    Site 3:
    - Where new music blasts off

    Site 4:
    - The sumo wrestler of websites

    Site 5:
    - Where music, movies, technology, contests and more are synthesized into something net. Oops, we mean something new.

    Site 6:
    - Highly toxic radio south of the border

    Site 7:
    - Germanic Icon makers

    Site 8:
    - Same as the U.S. video game site, but Down Under

    Site 9:
    - Le ringtones et Le logos

    Site 10:
    - This magazine/site name rhymes with twang

    Site 11:
    - "." music

  2. Master Windu

    Master Windu Registered Member

    i guess im retarded then bc i don't know any:lol:
  3. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    Site 1:
    - This company is the MVP of Maddeningly great sports video games

    comeon Master Windu, that shouldnt be too hard
  4. Stargun007

    Stargun007 Registered Member

    Well, #1 is obviously EA. But I have no idea what #8 is. Unless it refers to EA Australia or something....
  5. Master Windu

    Master Windu Registered Member

    I don't play sports games, so I have no idea who markets the Madden games.
  6. Stargun007

    Stargun007 Registered Member

    EA Sports- It's in the game. I don't play sports games either, but but I know EA does Madden and I even know the slogan.

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