Metal Gear Solid Rising


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I'm still wondering how it'll work on the 360. If it uses the Playstation [strike]Wiimote[/strike] Move, then will the 360 version use Kinect?


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I've never personally played one, but I use to watch my buddy play it all the time.. it was one of those games I preferred to watch be played.. but I hope they try and incorpate Snake some how into the game. I know he wants to live the rest of his days peacefully, but some kind of cameo would be nice.


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This is set between MGS2 and MGS4 so I doubt there'll be much about snake other than some sort of verbal reference.
The new Staff already said this will be a new direction for the series, and there will be more following rising.

I believe Snake's era has ended, as it should be.

Peace walker is about Big Boss and Master Miller, Rising is about Raiden and probably Naomi.


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I was hoping there would be another one after finishing up the 4th one but I didnt know how they were going to do it. I suppose this makes sense.

To be honest I don't care much about Raiden though.
The last Metal Gear Solid I played was on the NES. Haha. Kidding, I've played one of them on the PS1. I still haven't played 4 though. I should probably get around to it, even if I will be completely lost.