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~Messing With Zoids~


For a Free Scotland
I'm a big fan of Chaotic Century and the plastic figurines you assemble.

Good work.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Me too.. I grew up on the original (1984)Zoids, and I still have all 25 of the original ones and their comics too.

As some of the older AF and GF members know I worked for Hasbro making the Zoids. I made 65 of the 255 zoids available.

I used to work in their R&D toy department. Here is the old thread from AF that has pics of some of my work as well as part of my collection being displayed.

I have the 3 largest comic, toy and movie prop collection in the US, and I'm starting to run out of room. I guess it's time to sell off the cannon fodder stuff.

I'll post the other zoids videos that I made as soon as i can upload them to PB.
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