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Messing w/windows movie maker


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all...

Have you been watching all the trends in home made vid sites like
U_Tube, File cabinet, New Grounds, or even My_space?

Wondering how they made their vids or any of the crazy viral vids out there?

Well I have been playing with Windows Movie Maker and Photoshop..Windows movie maker comes standard in all newer computers or on 2000 editions.
It might look hard but it's not..
Unlike most programs on these computers you can play around with it and see what makes it tick..
Heck!!If I can do it so can you.

This was my first try..The Vid is called Wipe Out! Take a look and tell me what ya think.
And let us know what you like to use..Looking for any one who knows some cool tricks share them please... So here is the vid.......



Secret Agent
Staff member
Some of those clips are insane! Very cool and very hard to do. How much of that stuff can you do? Like, do you take skateboards on huge half pipes like they did?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
As soon as my new H-Cam gets here yes! I still need an H2O proof case so I cantake it to the beach and get some surf footage there. And I longboard!!!! I don't skate.We surf.

I will be useing footage from my Missadventures:D and follies...
You all know me by now ;) , as well as some of the cool stuff out there on the net..
Who knows what I can come up with...:D
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