Messenger From the Hills


Certified Shitlord
Ridley knew it was a bad idea to stay in Eden. He sat on the third floor balcony of the tiny inn, looking down into the brick streets. Looking into the adjacent building, he could candles lighting a room that had never been lit there before. The grassland city was the last place he would have expected The Everland Guard to be hiding out. Eden was very well known, but nestled in high mountains, making it at least a three day hike just to reach the top. This made Eden a small city because very few left and very few arrived due to the lengthy journey.

The Everland Guard, the greatest bounty hunter team on the southern continent, had hidden themselves high in the small city nestled in the clouds. Their fame made them easy to spot in populated areas as many stories of their courage, bravery, and will in taking down even the strongest of beasts and most hideous of villains had spread across the entire southern continent. This made it quite easy for their enemies to get ahead of them. All an adversary had to do was listen to the women on the streets shrieking about the group leader Chet Galgenheim's beautfiul blonde curls, or listen to the lonely barflies speak of Rina Feethen's impossibly red hair and said enemy would know to avoid the town.

Ridley didn't have a fancy name. He didn't even have matching socks. He had but twelve gold coins, a white shirt, brown pants, sailor's boots, a black bandana with a strange silver insignia on it, and an unshaven face. His most prized possession however, was the stunning silver blade he carried. It was about four feet in length, most of the measurement being the stainless silver blade shaped like a long butcher's knife. He had found it in a cave buried deep below his home town, miles and miles from Eden years ago as a young, careless boy.

Walking back into his inn room, Ridley decided on what he should do. The Everland Guard would surely rake him in by whatever means necessary to fufill their clients' requests. There was no doubt in Ridley's mind that at least five people would have placed prices on his head for the various crimes he had committed. Most were small time robberies, such as a pouch or chain pocketed when a store owner wasn't looking. He still hadn't figured out how these people knew it was him, but he did know what got the Everland Guard's attention about him. There could only be one reason they were pursuing him up steep mountains and that was his involvement in the "Great Robbery of Thul's Vassal," as it had begun to be called.

Want to know a great way to get yourself killed? Loot a place of prayer, Ridley thought to himself. There was no way they'd hear his pleas of innocence. Even though he had only been in the wrong place at the wrong time, his previous reputation made him a fine suspect for the theft.


More to come! This was all written on the spot, so tell me what you think.


I love it... You write a lot like my English Teacher, (who totally kicks ass). I like to write prose a lot, I didn't know you could post prose on here. Good jorb... I bow down.