Message in A Bottle/Oceangram


What is Oceangram?

Oceangram is the internet version of sending a message in a bottle, you write the message, seal it in a bottle, and send it off into the ocean. Someone from around the world may pick it up from the ocean and read it.

Who uses Oceangram?

Since this site was launched in May of 2006, people have been sending and receiving messages from all over the world. As of November 2006, over 3 million messages have been delivered.

How do I use Oceangram?

It is easy. To send a message, click the bottles on the sand, a paper scroll will appear for you to write your message on. Type your message, click the "Send" bottle and watch your bottle float away. That's all there is to it.

In order to receive a message, just watch the ocean, enjoy the view and a message may just come floating your way. The Oceangram Lighthouse will fire it's spotlight to help you notice it. When the bottle arrives close to the shore, click it open and read the message.

(Note: in order to receive a message, you must be in the standby mode, that is, you will not receive messages while writing a message, or while reading one.)

If you need help at any time, read the notes that appear on the wood board at the front of the sand. If you have trouble using the site, check the FAQ section.


Who will receive my message?

Nobody knows where the current will take your bottle. It will float in the water until someone picks it up right here at the Oceangram website, or at any of the satellite Oceangram windows on other websites. The bottle may appear to anyone visiting Oceangram from around the world, and it only appears to one person at a time.

How long will it take before my message is picked up?

The bottle may float for some time before it is picked up, or it may be picked up immediately, there is no control over its destiny.

How can I pick up a sent message?

Visit the Oceangram website often and you may spot a bottle floating in the water. The Oceangram Lighthouse will flash a rotating spot light across the ocean when there is a bottle in the horizon. Click on the bottle when it gets close to the shore to pick it up and read the message.

Can I see where my bottle ended?

You have the option called "Oceangram Tracking" to track your bottles to see the comments that other people have added to your original message.

I have not received a bottle in a long time, am I doing something wrong?

As long as you see the Oceangram graphics then you are doing fine. It is normal if the currents have not been bringing you bottles. Enjoy the view and express yourself by sending a message out. A bottle will come your way eventually.

Can I send an Oceangram to a particular person?

Yes, it is called a Target Oceangram. If you wish your Oceangram to be picked up by a particular person, click the pile of bottles to write a new message, then click the Compass that appears below the writing scroll. The Compass light will turn on and an area to provide the email address of the recipient will appear. Once you click the send bottle, the ocean currents will magically direct your bottle to that person only. Your recipient will be sent an email with a link to retrieve the message you sent. For more information about Target Oceangrams, click here.

How many messages can I send and pick up?

You can send as many messages as you wish, just keep it fun and safe. You can also pick up as many bottles as you find floating across your shore.

What happens to the message after I pick it up?

Each message can be received by one person at a time. After your finish reading the message, you have the choice of tossing it back into the ocean, retiring it, or you can add a comment to it and send it again.

How much does it cost to use Oceangram?

Oceangram is free. It is totally maintained by the advertisements on this website and from the sale of message in a bottle Oceangrams at the Oceangram store. You can support Oceangram by considering the products that these merchants offer for your next purchase.

Why is there a search bar under the Oceangram Graphics window?

The Google search bar is there for your convenience to search the internet while waiting for Oceangrams.

What can I send in an Oceangram?

You can use Oceangram to send text messages. Here are some ideas for writing Oceangrams:

Ask for a wish
Share your wisdom
Say it to get it off your chest
Write a message to let go

Use it as a means to vent
Practice expressing your feelings

Send a love letter hoping your favorite celebrity will pick it up
Just for fun

Please note that some messages are not allowed in Oceangrams. Click here to read the Oceangram website Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct. Never provide information online that can lead you into trouble. Please help keep Oceangram fun and safe for everyone.

What else can I do on Oceangram?

Oceangram is constantly adding new features and enhancing old ones. Sending a Target Oceangram is a fun and unique way of sending a greeting instead of sending an e-card. The Oceangram Store offers real life message in a bottle Oceangrams that you can send to friends around the world. With the Satellite Oceangram feature, you can publish the Oceangram graphic on your own website, blog, or space and use it to communicate with Oceangram fans around the world. The Oceangram blog has great tools to enhance your Oceangramming experience. Translation links, featured messages, and where to find oceangrammers are just a few examples.
It's kind of interesting... it's like lowbrow (.com or .org) except slower and less dirty... it's like post secret except faster and less visual...

It's annoying having to wait long periods between getting to read them, but it's an interesting concept.