Message From Smelnick...


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...apparently his neighbour's internet got knocked over by some wind. Since Smel has no internets of his own and steals it from that neighbour, this presents itself as a small problem.

He apologizes to the people he was chatting with, as he would have appeared to have disappeared without explanation.

Please feel free to badmouth him at your leisure, since he probably won't be seeing it anytime soon, anyways.


Creeping On You
Meh, I can get on briefly every couple days on my mom's dialup to see if I'm being badmouthed.

I apologize to Tucker, ysabel and Bliss for leaving you in chat like that. The nieghbours still haven't fixed their net, the lazy bastards. Mind you, today was a holiday, so no body would have been working.

If you absolutely must get a message to me, my cell number is 12047716330. You can text me. Or add me to facebook and send me an inbox message or a wall post and I can reply using my phone. Sorry about this guys. I'm hoping the neighbours get their internet up soon. Their kid uses xbox live and he's off for the summer, so I imagine that he's doing my pestering for me =P See you soon.


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You should just go over there and pester them. If they ask why just say no reason. :lol:

Seriously though, I'd call you for a chat but calling internationally is pretty pricey for me. It adds up quick. :shake:


Creeping On You
Then do the facebook thing, Add me, Danny Melnyk from Winnipeg MB. But I gotta go to bed now, I'll check in, in a couple days.


Sally Twit
Sucks to be you. I'll just have to wait here for your return as I don't use Facebook.

Hope it's not too much of a wait!