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    I shall now introduce the fantasy romance graphic novel... MeruPuri (Marchen Prince). For those of you fantasy romance loving girls, this is a great story for you. It's about this high school girl who has high ideals for her future husband. One day this boy from a magical kingdom popped out of her handed-down mirror. From that day on, things were not very good for the high school freshman. That will be the details. ^_^ I have to say that the art is not bad. For those of you who know MeruPuri... Let's discuss about it here.

  2. LostForever

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    romance? fantasy?? Cool..
  3. figet

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    well ive never heard of this at all so its a grafic noval well where can i obtain this noval and how good is it exactly in you opioin it should be good lol "high school girls"
  4. Sorayoushi

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    I got it as a gift and the people who gave it to me got it from barnes and nobles
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    i love meuipuri...its really would be even cuter if they made an anime series out of it ^-^ i find airi and aram so cute together ^-^ and gotta love arams brother ^-^

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