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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?


Hell, It's about time!
I had some guy stuttering today...

I said "Have a Merry Christmas" to him parting ways. He was an acquaintance of mine, I see him around. He looked up at me and said "I'm an atheist and don't celebrate Christmas"...

I was thinking "Oh great here we go... I'm face to face with the PC police" :rolleyes:

As many of you know I love a good debate. So I asked him... "Would you be willing to work a full day on Christmas with regular pay, since after all you don't celebrate it"?

:shifteyes: "Well its a umm... it's a federal holiday so I get it off anyway".

I chuckled and said... "Funny, I don't hear you so called "atheists" complaining about the free day off with pay. I suppose you don't give presents to your kids Christmas morning" Knowing this guy did have kids...

Again... :shifteyes: nothing... "Uh... I wouldn't do that to them".

I came back with "So basically you are willing to take the good stuff with Christmas, but only champion your "atheist" beliefs when someone says Marry Christmas to you"?

He got flustered and changed the subject obviously defeated. I had a good chuckle and said "see you around man" :lol:

So what is it with you guys? Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?



Well, I've came in contact with many non-Christians that say Christmas evolved into a Hallmark holiday and it's no longer about Jesus, it's about all the materialistic nonsense that sprouted from it... somehow. Funny, they would rather have the material items and free day off than the peace and love of Jesus. Ok, whatever.

Anywho, I say Merry Christmas to people, and none of this Happy Holiday gibberish. Usually because, two things: 1) I don't tell people unless they tall to me first. If they say Happy Holidays I'll either say "Same to you." OR "Merry Christmas!" Depends on how fast my mind conjures up an answer. And, 2) When I say Merry Christmas what it really means is that I celebrate it and I'm saying it to you because I'm not assuming you believe in God, I say it, in a way, trying to share that peace and love with you - MY type of peace, love and joy. By saying it I do wish you have a great Christmas (day off, spending time with family, actually becoming born-again), and not trying to make some political statement or whatnot by saying it.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wouldn't say Happy Holidays for Halloween, Easter, New Year's or the 4th of July, so why would I say it for Christmas? The thing that really gets me is how stores like Best Buy are careful to wish Muslims a happy Eid al-Adha but their ads the next week say "Order today and get your gifts in time for the holiday!" :mad:

It also annoys me when people say they say Happy Holidays because it doesn't offend anybody. Most people who actually celebrate Christmas are bugged and/or offended by people who spew this PC crap such as "Happy Holidays" when they fully plan to tell their kids some fat guy in a red suit is going to bring them presents on... that one day.

Brad Paisley sums up my thoughts with this song:

YouTube - Brad Paisley - Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday


AKA Ass-Bandit
Does it really matter? Christmas means different things to different people, it's changed a lot since it was a pagan holiday. At the end of it all, it's a period to spend time with your family and enjoy the things you've got. A period of good faith, no matter what your beliefs, be it Christian, Athesist/Agnostic, pagan, etc.

Just enjoy yourself without being pedantic over the name!


for me it's happy holidays. we don't celebrate christmas in our family because we're muslims-but on that day we visit our christian friends and make gifts for them but we don't receive anything back.
we say merry christmas to people who celebrate it.


Well-Known Member
I worked at a retail store and they wanted us to say Happy Holidays. If customers wish my a Merry Christmas, I wish them a Merry Christmas back. I usually say Merry Christmas when it is close to Christmas. I went to the bar the other night and paid the waitress and wished her a Merry Christmas before I left. (Shoot, if only she was single. That would been a great Christmas gift for me)


Registered Member
Either. It's ridiculous that people think they have to be that politically correct. It's not about the religious aspect to people, as really, Christmas has lost most of that. It's about spending time with family and loved ones.


Ms. Malone
I tend to change between Merry X-Mas, Happy Holidays and Merry Whatever You Celebrate, depends what mood i'm in.


Sally Twit
"Happy Holidays" is too American so I wouldn't say that. I've never had anyone here say that to me. I always say "Merry Christmas" and that is what is said to me.