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Merging inactive forums.


Registered Member
Title says it all. Is it possible to do this where it wouldnt be too messy? Would it increase server speed, site load time, or optimize GF in some form? There are a lot of subforums that haven't had a post since 2010.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We're working on this, and hopefully it will be done by the first week of August.

Throw out suggestions here. Not promising you'll get what you want, but it will give us an idea.


Registered Member
Make sure there aren't any strictly sports forums involved. They're a bunch of 14-year old kids that anyone who disagrees with them are "fucking faggots". Throw that out there to Brix.


Well-Known Member
Can you do something about the showbiz forum? That place is a mess...don't need the singular show forums at all!


Secret Agent
Staff member
As Babe said, this is something we're discussing and working on right now behind the scenes. Quite a few of the inactive forums are going to be merged with others soon. We'll also be doing away with the forum categories at the top of the site to help further. The organization wil be a lot cleaner soon. Our expected timetable for this is early August as Babe mentioned.