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Mercury found in eggs


Registered Member
Dangerous levels of mercury are being found in eggs in Canada. The most likely source of the mercury is the oilsands near to where the birds live. Canada is trying to set safety limits on how many eggs can be eaten each week and they also said that other food may be contaminated. I really hope this issue doesnt spread south into the US.
Alberta Health issues warning after mercury found in eggs from lakes near oilsands



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I always thought eggs had some mercury in them. Same goes for fish too. I'm not sure I'd say mercury is totally fine to consume in very small amounts but it's apparently not that bad.

This higher concentration of mercury in these eggs is a bit concerning. How long has this been going on? Who has eaten these eggs? Will it spread to other areas?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I never knew eggs had any mercury in them.

If I were pregnant I wouldn't take any chances and I would stay away from eggs. I also wouldn't be feeding them to my children. At least if they were from that area.

I wonder if it has something to do with extracting oil.