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Merc's Top 5 WWE/F Themes


Problematic Shitlord
Please don't be assholes, this is clearly opinionated. Everybody knows it yet I feel like no matter what thread is started, it always has to be mentioned because one jackoff will start crying.

1. The Undertaker - "Ministry of Darkness"
One of the best eras in wrestling was the Attitude era and as with nearly all eras we've seen, the immortal one himself, the Undertaker, was riding high. This was his darkest character, the druid-like priest of darkness who couldn't be killed and even tried to take Stephanie McMahon as his bride against her will and the theme itself just felt like the perfect fit. Dark, heavy tones with cemetery bells and gongs. It was foreboding and evil like the Dead Man himself.

The Undertaker went through several theme changes and his legendary Graveyard Symphony is his most commonly used and remixed theme but for me, nothing will trump the pure terror of the Ministry.
2. Stone Cold Steve Austin - "Glass Shatters" by Disturbed
Stone Cold was and still is one of the toughest sons of bitches to have ever danced in the squared circle and his music was equally impacting. My personal favorite was Disturbed's gruff and heavy version of the traditional theme Austin would enter with.

Remember, when you hear the glass it's your ass!
3. Triple H - "The Game" by Motorhead

One of the most long lasting themes in WWE history, Triple H's theme is powerful, brutal and makes the hairs on your arms stand up each time Lemmy's growls fill the arena. Partially responsible for one of the greatest pops in all sports (the video will never do the real reaction justice, even my memory of seeing this on TV was unbelievable to me) the blasting rock and initial grunt of "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME" will get anyone's blood running hot.

Triple H is a first ballot hall of famer and one of the greatest performers to ever hit the ring and his theme gives off nothing but dominating energy (something you can only hope for from a theme anyways).
4. The Rock - "Hollywood"

Why not the classic themes? Maybe even the new one? Well, for me nothing embodied the pure, overpowering swagger the Rock famously touted than his heel theme (primarily) 'Hollywood'. Try listening to it on your MP3 player while taking a walk and see how long you can resist walking like a total fucking G. The pounding, swinging bass and piercing electric guitar riffs just reeked of the Rock and his endless supply of insults, speeches and pride.
5. Hulk Hogan - "Real American"

You didn't really think I'd forget, did you? What can really be said about it? I don't think there's a single WWE fan that hasn't heard it (unless you're one of those people who answer the question "What is your favorite match" like this) so I'm sure I don't have to defend it any further here.



One of my favourite themes of all time would have to be RVD's one of a kind. It hit the PA and the fans loved it.

It's probably not up there in the "Real American" 's but it's still a good theme.

I also enjoyed Evolutions theme from when they were dominating RAW, which in my opinion was the greatest post attitude era storyline.


Problematic Shitlord
I wanted to include Evolution but I wasn't sure I could come up with 10 themes I really liked :lol:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There's a lot of terrible ones in there in my opinion, but obviously we have very different taste in music. I do enjoy I'm a real American though, it's a classic.

Some that I really enjoyed were these:

Mr. Ass: I know it was a silly song but it was really catchy and easy to sing along too.

DX: How can you not like this one? The beginning is simply awesome.

Dashing Cody Rhodes: He didn't have this song for a long time, but I really liked it and I wish they brought it back.

Goldberg: At one point it was one of my favorites theme songs of all-time.

Bret Hart: I love this one for obvious reasons, the entrance of this one is really good too.

I can go on and on, but these are some of my favorites.


Registered Member
It's a good top 5 but I'd just personally find it hard to choose only 5 of my favorites because there are so many I'd have in it.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Good list, Merc. Mine wouldn't look exactly the same but there's no doubt that your choices are good ones...and I'm feelin' the well thought-out descriptions after them.

I'm going to try to think of a top 5 for myself, but don't really have time to put one together tonight.

Just to kind of add to the mentions of DX, my favorite incarnation (even more than the original theme) is X-Pac's...talk about a song that gives you that feeling of "swagger," the funky bass line in this one just rocks. Just my opinion.

YouTube - ‪WWF X-Pac Theme Music‬‏

I can say before making my list officially that this will probably be my number one.


Haters gonna hate.
I like your list, Merc, but I have a special place in my heart for this theme, which is my clear number one:

YouTube - ‪WWE Edge Theme Song 2004-2011‬‏

Nothing can top it. Best intro ever... hearing "You think you know me..." and then the epic hardcore riff gave me chills every time.


I'd also throw in Undertaker's "American Badass" entrance as I always marked out when I heard "Rollin" start up.