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Movies Merc's Movie Review - "The Benchwarmers"


Problematic Shitlord

Genre: Comedy
Stars: Rob Schneider
David Spade
John Heder

Gus, Clark, and Richie are three loveable losers who stand up for nerds and the socially incapacitated when they challenge a few mean bullies to a baseball game. One of the nerds whom they save has a billionaire father who launches a tournament to gain respect for geeks everywhere. Play ball!

The Good
It's spring time and a baseball comedy is always good. Jokes are frequent and usually hit the mark. Will keep most people who aren't expecting a cinematic masterpiece (everyone is these days) entertained.

The Bad
It stars John Heder, who's brand of comedy is grossly lame and repetitive at best. The jokes can be pretty bad at times and well, it's a comedy, so no storyline here.

Story - D+
It's really not applicable because of the brand of humor, but if you really wanted to see a grade for it, there ya go. It's predictable, improbable, and out of proportions. But once again, it's a comedy and most comedies do not not an amazing plot to give the audience a good time. I know I saw it because I was having a dull week and I needed to laugh and I did.

Comedy - B
It wasn't amazing, but it was enough to keep the laughs flowing. I wanted to score it an A for comedy, but fucking John Heder has to be the single most annoying actor to have ever existed. He requires no acting skill because he's naturally lame and slow. It's as if they recycled Napoleon from that God-forsakened movie. That's horrible. There's also a lot of gross-out humor, such as Richie's (Spade) brother, who eats suntan lotion.

Acting - B-
Rob Schneider, David Spade, and . . . him. They're all mid-level comedy, so the acting is good enough to not be unbearable.

Sound - B+
The sounds of spring, baseball, and nerd paraphanalia are in the air as the audio aspect of the movie works great. There's not much too say here besides that the music choice was good and it matched well.

Effects - B
Not too many effects needed, but the few stunts and effects needed were fine.

- B
It's definitely fun if you're looking for a few laughs, but if Napoleon Dynamite pissed you off, then every part with John Heder will probably drive you nuts. Other than that, it's quite enjoyable. I'd say it's worth the price of one admission, although I do not plan on buying it when it's out on DVD. Walk into the theater and just have a good time. Ignore the storyline (because there isn't any worth noting), sit back, eat some popcorn and laugh. Everyone needs a good laugh at the end of a tough week and this movie is a good choice.


Forum Drifter
Great review! I have been back and forth to if I wanted to see this or not. I think I will go see it soon. Thankyou for your review :D


nice review! i probably wont go see it. 1. i dont have time. 2. it doesnt sound as good as the comercial/


Film Elitist
Looks like an o-k comedy, though it would probably be a rent-movie for me.

I would probably see it at the theaters if there wasn't anything else that looks good that I haven't seen.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I didnt really figure the plot of the movie would be really engrossing lol.