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Synopsis: James Bond is born in the prequel to the whole series starring Daniel Craig as the suave British spy in the latest entry to the Bond franchise. Bond has just achieved double-o status and is sent to a high stakes poker game to prevent a terrorist banker from winning it all.

There are NO spoilers in this review, so do not give any yourself!


I was very, very surprised with this film and had to see it another three times just to satisfy my need for it. I walked into the theater, unsure what to think of the new movie. After reading the summary of the movie and seeing pictures of Daniel Craig, I wasn't too sure the formula would be a winner. Then I started hearing reviews, really good reviews. I knew I had to see it for myself.

As my friend and I walked out of the theater, we recited a few great one-liners

Story -
9 - A poker game? May sound a bit odd for a Bond movie. It doesn't seem like much action could come from it but trust me it does. The story flows and gets deeper until the very end. It may take more than one viewing to fully understand the plot, but it's nothing too hard to get.

Acting - 9.5 - Daniel Craig was a big surprise for me. He did a great job of playing a rookie James Bond, a rough, tough, and confident man. His performance as Bond is right up there with Connery's. The one thing that really got me was how human James Bond was this time around. He actually falls for a woman, gets the living daylights beaten out of him and guess what? He bleeds! That's right folks, 007 is made of flesh!

Effects - 10 - Flawless, as usual. Bond films are infamous for their great sense of style in their special effects and it shows.

Overall - 9.5 - Bond is back and even more badass than before. By introducing a Bond that can take a beating and a Bond that actually gets a bit dirty, the film achieves a higher level of greatness. There are almost no fancy gadgets in the movie (well, the car has a neat one) but they aren't needed because the film is covered in poker motiffs. Tells, bluffs, lying, hiding and playing your hand well, all of these give a great "gambler" feel to the film as well. If it's still in theaters near you, I highly reccommend a viewing or two . . or three.

All tickets are worth it.

Mr Casey

Very well done overall. I totally agree with Merc's synopsis. A must see in 2007, if you didn't catch it in 2006.


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I'll agree with both, great movie. The new Bond is easily my favorite.

(I don't really think is is a spoiler.) The only downfall was I thought the casino part was a little long.


The poker part was great. I liked how the young Bond's character was. (I dont wnat to spoil how he acts, and grows) Gah, I can't say anything without possibly spoiling it, so everyone go see it!


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I have seen all other James Bond movies and I really didn't want to see this movie. But my friend persuaded me so, hell, I went to see it, I thought, this movie is going to be wack, but it got better and better and I loved the movie. Daniel did the best role of James Bond i have ever seen. And the best line in the movie was (SPOILERS):when Le Chrifre was beating Bond's balls and he said "Now, you can say to all your friends that you died beating my balls." There is nothing bad and wack about that movie, EVERY single second of it was awsome. If I didn't watch it, I would regret it. I loved the movie.


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GOD! I still haven't seen that movie yet! I want to so bad! I've seen every other Bond movie. And Merc, you better not tell me again that you've seen it like three times or I might snap.


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Three might have been an exageration, it was more like two I think. Right Merc?
Does it really matter? It was a great film. I saw it first by myself, then twice with friends.

I'm not like this one girl I'm thinking of who saw Lord of the Rings Two Towers seven times by herself.