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[Merc Talk] Kathy Griffin and the No Good Horrible Awful Day


Problematic Shitlord
‘He broke me’: A defiant, tearful Kathy Griffin slams attacks by Trump and his family

A defiant, tearful Kathy Griffin said Friday that she regretted making a photo of herself holding a mask that looked like President Trump’s bloody severed head, but she wasn’t going to stop criticizing the president or fighting for others to do so.

The comments were the fast-talking comedian’s first beyond a video-recorded apology on social media.

The image outraged Trump, his family and many, many others earlier this week. She said five employers had canceled scheduled shows since then, and she’d been fired by CNN.

“A sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally trying to ruin my life forever,” she said. “You guys know him, he’s not going to stop.

She said the online attacks on her in the last few days — including death threats — were a distraction mobilized by a president embattled by scandal. And she sought to frame it as the kind of “bullying” she’d received from older white men her entire career.
I knew it! White people! /thread.

Anyways, hello Kathy, I'm Merc.

I think I should level with you first for the sake of fairness. I don't like our president. He's a bumbling idiot who is wrecking foreign relations, gutting benefits for older citizens, lining the pockets of his corporate buddies, and doing his damnedest to save that swamp he said he was going to drain. His idea of foreign diplomacy is heavy handed handshakes and frat house level tomfoolery.

I don't believe in censorship. You don't have a right to censor anyone because your witty bitty emoshuns got hurted and you don't know what to do. This applies to anyone, right or left. Or neither (snowflakes melt at the same temperature regardless of party lines). Being offended entitles you to nothing and it should never grant you any special privileges or rights. I know we get a bit carried away in the western world with our guilt and need to fix every broken heart or slightly inconvenienced train of thought, but try not to be part of the problem.

That being said, let's practice some foresight. What could POSSIBLY go wrong if you post photos of yourself suggesting that the president is or should be decapitated? Can you think of any possible problem with that? Hmm? Maybe a reaction? I don't know, people MAY get upset.

Also, have you tried this internet thing? It's WHACKY! But I'm sure nobody abuses their thick veils of anonymity by hurling vicious threats, mean comments, and general douchebaggery. I think they'll react with an admirable rationality. There's no chance that roughly 72% of the internet are grumpy whiners looking to be amused by the misery of other people. You ever see a monkey shit fight at the zoo?

Well anyways, gotta go Kathy. Good luck. Send nudes.

So, Pop Malt audience, I-

"WAIT, Merc, you snotty twit, what about all the stuff the conservatards did to Obama? HUH? What about the racist signs and stuff, HUH? I guess you think it's okay you gross Trump supporter!"

This is something I don't understand. Why am I not allowed to think Kathy Griffin is a spineless knob fondler AND dislike Trump? And who gives a fuck about what Obama went through? Do you honestly expect me to validate my thoughts by clarifying that I'm against racism? How does that make any point? What does that prove? Is this real life?

I would have given major props to Kathy if she only stuck to her guns. Instead, we get to see a very weak response when she had an opportunity to toss up a couple o' freedom rockets and say "Yep, I posed for that photo, cry about it, bitches".


She backed down like a coward and decided playing victim was somehow a better route. How, I don't have the slightest clue. Here's a great idea, let's cry in front of the camera and collect all the sympathy points we can, all I did was stage an ISIS style beheading photo shoot, what's so bad right? Once everyone sees how sad I am, everything will be okay! You know what this move says? "Hi, I don't believe in the opinions I share and I will fold under pressure so bully me if I say something you don't like and you'll probably win". Not a great sell.

Want to help the women of the world like you commonly pretend to? Be sturdy. Don't falter just because some people tweeted mean things at you or because a section of the public is outraged. Own your opinions. This whole "art" stunt was nothing but a classless goof digging for shock value. You did it, you're upset about Trump, be honest.

Own it.


not a plastic bag
Great post Merc.
I agree but honestly I feel a little sorry for her. She seems unhinged. That was the weirdest news conference.
I sincerely hope she has one good friend that will not leave her side. Yeah she's an irrelevant coward, but I'd hate to see her end her life over one stupid photo shoot.


Registered Member
Personally, just like Merc, I strongly dislike Trump. I also believe that he's wrecking your country & causing damages beyond repair to it. I even wish that somewhere down the line, there's enough evidence to be found against him to lead to his impeachment as well as criminal charges to everyone in his administration aiding and abetting him. However, I also think that Kathy Griffin crossed a very dangerous line with that photoshoot. It's one thing to picture in your mind a beheaded Donald Trump but it's a whole other to actually go forward with this and doing exactly that for the sake of freedom of expression. The vast majority of us condemned tasteless comments & actions towards Barack Obama and his family during his administration and it should be no different in this situation. Despite our opinion on his father, Barron Trump didn't ask to see pictures of a fake head representing his dad on TV.

As for Kathy Griffin herself, she most definitely will regret this for the rest of her life but just like Merc, I wasn't impressed with her "Boohoo, the Trumps have ruined my life & broken me." Listen, girl, you should've thought about it before going ahead with that photoshoot. It's one thing to do like Bill Maher and make jokes questioning the existence of Donald Jr & Eric Trump (although that wasn't also Maher's finest hour) but Kathy Griffin's actions were much more than words. When you pull a stunt like this, be ready to withstand the backlash that will come with some actions. Basically, think before you act.

This won't change my opinion about Donald Trump. I still would want to punch him in the nutsack if I ever met him but this went too far.