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Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Being the big film fan that I am I usually have a list in my mind queued up to either:

1) Watch in the cinema

2) Purchase on DVD / Blu-ray when I have the cash / when it's released.

3) Watch a DVD that I've already purchased but havednt had time for yet.

As of today, my mental checklist is as follows


How To Train Your Dragon - Shut up, it's had good reviews :D

IronMan 2 - I enjoyed the first one, I'm looking forward to see what they'll do with it now that they are free of the constraints of the origin.

Cemetary Junction - I love Ricky Gervais' British series so I'm excited to see how this film turns out.

Four Lions - This looks absolutely hilarious, leave it to Chris Morris (the co-creater of Brass Eye and The Day Today) to make a comedy about a group of unlikely terrorist bombers.

DVD - To be Purchased

Kick-Ass - After being blown away by this postmodern insight into the superhero universe I can't wait to add it to my collection.

Lost in Translation - This ones been on the list for a while, I'm just waiting to find it cheap enough :lol:

DVDs in need of watching

Joint Security Area - This is a film by one of my favourite directors, Park Chan-wook (most notable for OldBoy). I ordered it while drunk but I'm glad I did because I usually love his films. Even the weaker ones usually show off his trademark style. It's just waiting to be in right mood for it.

So do any of you film lovers out there have a system like this?


Lion Rampant
I admire people who can manage their entertainment time so well. Whatever looks good when I check the current TV/theatre listings accounts for 90% of the films I see.


Creeping On You
I've been using the memopad feature on my blackberry lots lately. Jotting down movies I wanna see as I see the previews.

Right now I only have two left on there

Wicker man with nicolas cage
And the Anaconda movies.

Off the top of my head though,
I wanna see


And that's all I can think of lol.

Otherwise, I'm like tucker, just kinda see what's good when I get to the video store or theatre.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Smel, The Wickerman is one of the funniest films I have ever seen! I did not stop laughing all the way through. It's probabaly not the effect they were going for but it makes it worth the watch. Kick-Ass on the other hand is hilarious and it means to be. I find it amusing that your list has 2 Nicholas Cage films, each at a completely different end of the spectrum of his acting ability.


Creeping On You
Well, I've always liked nicolas cage simply because of the fact that he can play a wide range of roles, from funny to serious.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Yeah I like Cage too but he hasn't really been on his game lately. I think "Moon Faced autopilot" is the description I read that best describes it. Kick-Ass has really brought him back in my eyes. You should steer clear of my "Unintentional Comedies" Thread because the first post has all the best clips from the Wickerman. Do let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did though!


Ms. Malone


Prince Of Persia - The trailer looks epic, and even though i've only played one game i love the character!

Repo Men - I want to see how much of a rip off it is to Genetic Opera


Lady Vengeance - so i can finish the collection.

Kick Ass- when it comes out.

Law Abiding Citizen - (mostly a maybe)

Sherlock Holmes - I loved it brainer!

Astroboy - Just Lol, it was pretty good xD

And there's a martial arts one i keep seeing advertised, but i can't remember then name T.T


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
-Hot Tub Time Machine(Yes I want to see it again)
-Iron Man 2
-Expendables(comes out in August)

-Law Abiding Citizen
-The Blind Side
-Ninja Assassins

I know there's more to add to my list, but that's all I can think at the moment.


A Darker Knight
Well, I've always liked nicolas cage simply because of the fact that he can play a wide range of roles, from funny to serious.
I sense some irony in this statement.

How to Train Your Dragon was a good movie. It's got all your typical elements, but it was enjoyable. Who doesn't like dragons?

I found a site that lets me watch stuff for free so I've basically crossed everything off my checklist. I finished Clash of the Titans last night. It was alright.