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I'm hurting Mentally; Depression & Anger.

I'm starting to fear that I'm becoming Bipolar like my father was. I've lost allot of weight. And, my strength is decreasing dramatically. Don't want to alarm my parents. Getting up at 7:00AM isn't really helping either. Because of the stress I'm making myself Ill. I've even had thoughts are killing other people. Because, I want to see what it feels like. I really need some help... Any suggestions?


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Well you already took a good first step in admitting that you may have a problem. I would try and find a person to talk with about it. I wouldn't really go to a therapist just yet. I mean I remember having trouble in school, and I heard a piece of advice and after I graduated High School and went to college everything turned around. You just got to take it in stride.
Meditate. It's been known to help a lot of people. Certainly with stress. If you don't want the stress then get rid of it, it can be done. It is your life, after all, and especially with things like this you have all the control you believe you have over it. Go to a few sites, etc and look seriously into meditation. Combine that with some Tai Chi and/or Qi Gung exercises and I can almost guarantee that you'll feel much better.

Also know that you're not alone. There are a lot of people out there with problems. Rectify's absolutely right - you've come far already by admitting it. Don't worry too much needlessly about it, simply try and look into the reasons and causes, and see what can be done. And meditate! :)


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I know exactly what you mean. I mean, I've never had thoughts of killing other people, but I've had suicidal thoughts, so I get what you're saying. I'm getting help, but it's making me miss a lot of school. I would wait just a little bit to get help. Find someone to talk to about it and you'll be fine. And remember: curiosity put the cat in jail.


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I would see a doctor/mental health professional immediately. You owe it to yourself....and don't fear a diagnosis, such as bipolar disorder. People are people and aren't defined by their diagnoses. Especially if you're having thoughts of harming others; it's not something you can treat lightly.


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I would ask you age and sex, also daily activities that make you feel bad about what you're doing or who you're with to make yourself feel what you're feeling.

Like The_Unity said, seek medical attention as soon as you can, we're only opinionated on what you should do and what not, but we cannot give you an accurate assessment on what might be ailing you.

first of well done for posting, secondly go and see your doctor, what your describing could be any number of things. just because a parent had bipolar does not mean that what you are describing is necessarily. there are different types of bipolar and they vary in severity and symptoms. also bipolar can be managed, it does not mean that you cannot live with your condition. if you go and see your doctor they can find out more how you feel, also remember that just because you are getting thoughts that they are very different from actions, its very easy to put a lot of weight onto thoughts but they are different. they also are often a sign you are depressed or stressed.
i hope things start to improve for you soon.