Mennonite College lifts 116 Year old Ban on Star Spangled Banner


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GOSHEN, Ind. – For more than a century, there was no playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Goshen College — a small Christian college with ties to the Mennonite Church.

That's about to change. For the first time in the school's history, Goshen College will play an instrumental version of the national anthem before many campus sporting events.

The decision to reverse the ban on the anthem is aimed at making students and visitors outside the faith feel more welcome, but it has roiled some at the 1,000-student college who feel the song undermines the church's pacifist message and puts love for country above love for God.

Since college President Jim Brenneman announced the decision in January, about 900 people have joined the Facebook group "Against Goshen College Playing National Anthem," hundreds have signed an online petition protesting the move and letters sent to administrators and the campus newspaper have overwhelmingly voiced opposition to the change.

"We're very aware that not everyone on our campus that's part of this community shares the same views," said college spokeswoman Jodi Beyeler. "We believe that everyone here should feel like this is home."

Ind. college lifts 116-year ban on national anthem - Yahoo! News
Should colleges and private entities be able to have done this in the first place? Im talking Flat out Ban its Countries National Anthem? This doesnt feel wrong to me... it just feels weird as I can understand why there is such a desire to flat out ban it like they did for so long.

What are your thoughts on Colleges or other Private Entities Banning National Elements like the Anthem, the Flag, or maybe the Pledge of Allegiance?


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"Ban" is kind of a weird word for it, because it's not like they necessarily had a problem with students doing it on their own; the school just wouldn't do it as an organization.

It's not like banning weapons, where not only does the school not use them, they don't allow them on campus. I doubt anybody would get in trouble for singing it on their own.
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I think it's sad that they don't play the national anthem before any events but they cetainly have the right not to and the students who are opposed to playing certainly have the right to feel like they do.

Should they be able to do this in the first place? Absolutely. I just disagree with not playing it.