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Men: Your Laptop Is Probably Cooking Your Testicles



Ever wonder just how hot your balls get under your laptop? "Within 10 or 15 minutes their scrotal temperature is already above what we consider safe," says one doctor. Turns out that cooking your testicles is also bad for reproducing.

In the journal Fertility and Sterility, researchers presented their findings of a study that hooked thermometers up to the balls of 29 men with a laptop on their knees. Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, who led the study, said that even though a man's testicles start heating up after just 10 minutes, "they don't feel it." This is bad for many reasons, but especially if you're trying to have kids. Increases in testicle temperature have been shown to lower a man's sperm count, but doctors are quick to point out that there's no evidence directly linking hot laptops and sperm production. At least not this week.

"I wouldn't say that if someone starts to use laptops they will become infertile," Dr. Sheynkin told Reuters. But he adds, "the scrotum doesn't have time to cool down" which, besides sounding awful, is also very, very bad for your health. And if you think that stacking some pillows between your sac and your computer might help, think again: "It doesn't matter what pad you use. You can put a pillow beneath your computer and it still won't protect you."

Basically it's all bad news here. But Dr. Sheynkin has one little bit of advice — use a desk, or if you insist on putting your computer on your lap, make sure you air out your balls from time to time to avoid "scrotal hyperthermia." Will do, Doc.
source: Men: Your Laptop Is Probably Cooking Your Testicles
You guys need to take care of your balls!


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I almost never put my laptop on my lap, unless I'm outside. Even when I put in it on my lap, I don't let it rest on me balls. Me balls are safe and ready for the appointed time to sow me seed.
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My laptop has never been on my lap. It's usually on a table and if I'm outside, I find something to put it on. I'm not worried about slow cooking my balls, it's just so damn uncomfortable, after 10 minutes I feel hobbled-over like an old man.


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Is this like how Mountain Dew is supposed to reduce sperm count too?

I mean seriously - we make millions of sperm. Even if someone drinks gallons of Mountain Dew, and leaves their laptop on their lap, that's still not going to be enough to make them infertile.

But if it did, that'd mean as long as both people were clean, you could skip the condom and just use the Laptop/Dew method of contraception :lol:


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I don't have testicles, but I would assume, if a guy was sitting outside on a lounge chair with laptop on his lap.....the laptop would be mainly resting on his thighs....his leg area...his balls are somewhere (I presume) tucked safely betwixt his legs ~LoL~
I may be wrong, I have been before.
And in the case of drinking too much Mountain Dew......no wonder I see so many women wearing shirts that say "Dew me" :)


If your balls are big enough for your laptop to rest on, I don't think you have to worry about cooking some sperm every once in a while. Haha.


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I take this study about as seriously as the Mountain Dew stories or the cell phone stories...a bunch of bologna. I do, do this sometimes but I air out my balls all the time anyways so I don't think I'm going to have a problem.


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I use a desk.

However, if this were true, brilliant! I want to reduce my chances of having children, so I would always have my laptop on my lap! :p


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I have never heard of any reputable doctor referring to testicles as balls in any publication before. This guy might be as trustworthy as Dr. Nick.