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Men With Shaved Heads Taken More Seriously


Secret Agent
Staff member
I’ve seen a few interesting articles on this subject over the years, but psychologists claim that people take men more seriously if they clean shave their heads. More serious than balding men and even more serious than men with full heads of hair.

The Power Cut: Men With Shaved Heads Look More Dominant

Who would you take more seriously, Bruce Willis with hair or Bruce Willis shaved clean? Same with Vin Diesel, etc.

Other studies have shown that CEOs who shave their heads are taken more serious and even seen as more dominant in business too.

People are psychologically biased to see bald men as dominant leaders

Bald men appear more dominant, study says

Now to just find those clippers...


Registered Member
Wow that's very interesting. I guess now we will see the beards shaved off and the heads shaved! Once people start reading about this, they will all want their heads shaved!