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Men are bieng abused in relationships, women are creating monsters


New Member
Almost everyone wants love although some cannot handle it. The others just like the idea of it. Women can receive everything that they ever wanted and meet someone who is everything they dream of. But in reality all they are doing is waiting for the shit to old and move on. The truth of that matter is that women make the asshole men that are hear today. Everyone has experienced love on some level. A young boy could grow up loving a girl and do everything in his power to make her smile and never see her cry but when he finally works up enough courage to do something about it he will be shot down, and if he isn’t then he will continue to give his all and in the end walk away with shards of his heart in his hand. Women say there are no good men out there but it is not true. Every woman has had a man no matter what they look like or how much money they have that loves them for them, that would walk around the world just to see their face, and give up everything just to make them happy. But what happens is they take these men and use them until they either find someone new or just get tired of the whole deal. In reality the only one who should be protective and enter relationships with a shield are men. Women think their being used but in reality their using us. Words of advice for any one who thinks “their girlfriend is different”, the only thing that makes them different is that they can go for a longer period of time without cheating on you. I’m not saying I’m perfect but women are being overlooked in the realm of messing up relationships while we take the blame and its bullshit. I can guarantee for a fact that there are more men who have been screwed up long term from girls then there are girls who are screwed up from guys. Call me racist, call a womanizer, call me whatever you want I’m telling the truth and if you like let me know.


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Staff member
Are you male or female though? That would be intersting to we can put your thoughts in perspective.

I think bad apples can come from either tree, but there are still plenty of good ones out there.

Also, you can have a string of "shut downs," but that doesn't mean it's always the other person just being a jerk. Sometimes you have to take a look in the mirror or ask other people to give you their honest opinion about you. :)


New Member
Im A Guy. And Yeah I Understand It Can Really Be The Guys Fualt. But Im Just Refering To The General Population And What Ive Seen Happen So Many Times.


Registered Member
Im A Guy. And Yeah I Understand It Can Really Be The Guys Fualt. But Im Just Refering To The General Population And What Ive Seen Happen So Many Times.

Your opinion seems rather biased. I have to agree with Andrew here, you can't place blame on one gender. It would seem you've had some kind of negative experience to make you think this way, I can only hope that you won't let it put you off and sway your opinion of women. We don't all "use" men and i'm sure for all the women that do, there are just as many men who use women. Don't pigeon-hole us :)