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"Men and Maturity"


"Expect the unexpected"
When does a boy become a man? The answer to this must go far beyond biology and chronological age. Manhood is a functional reality, demonstrated in a man's fulfillment of responsibility and leadership. Maturity does not necessarily increase in a linear fashion at a growth rate that is proportional to age.

Some people say that men never grow up, they just get bigger. Do you agree? Explain your opinion.

When does a boy become a man? What is it that constitute a man's level of maturity?
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I don't believe age matures you. There are some men that don't mature apart from physically.

I say it boils down to the way he handles life responsibilities, life commitmentments, life experiences; it's about growing up and reaching a new level of self love, self responsibility, self control and patience, etc.


Better Call Saul
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When does a boy become a man? I think Fractal has the right idea...its something along those lines.

For myself personally I am both mature and immature. When I'm immature I am that way on purpose because its more fun. When I need to be serious and mature I can flick the switch.


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When he's old enough to take care of himself.
I completely agree with this.

It's more common now for men to be able to take care of themselves better at younger ages but I know 40 year old men who can't do their own washing...let alone mature emotionally.



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I'm with Millz...

And I don't necessarily agree being able to take care of yourself makes you "mature" or "a man."

That type of wisdom doesn't come to an 18 year old kid that can afford his own apartment and food. :)


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I've always had the line of thought, that everyone has a mature side and an immature side.

There's no real way to tell when a boy becomes a man...in some cultures, killing another makes you a man, regardless of age.

But on a basic level, a man should be able to take care of himself and stand on his own two feet :)


The Hierophant
I think that this question also could be "When does a girl become a woman?"

In both cases, I don't think that there's an age when you all of a sudden become more mature and you turn into a man or a woman. I feel that it has everything to do with how you handle your life. Life teaches everyone different lessons and gives us all different hands to play. It's our responsibility as humans to not only learn what we can from what has happened, but at the same point we need to understand what circumstances we are in and how to make things better for ourselves. Once you have accomplished that, you're probably well along your way to becoming a man or a woman.

I do have to say, though, that there are certain life events that should make you more responsible and help to mature you. The death of a loved one, the birth of a child, some crippling accident just to name a few. Really, once you put your life into full perspective, I believe, that's when you start to become mature enough to call yourself a man or a woman. But once you do become a man or a woman, generally speaking, people can tell. Not only will you start to carry yourself better, but you'll just have an aura of self-confidence and maturity.


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When he's old enough to take care of himself.

No, its so much more than that. Muturity doesnt just come down to how you are youself, but also how you are with other poeple, How you treat them, how you handle situations etc..

A man may be able to look after himself, but this does not make him mature.

He may be able to cook and clean for himself, but he could then still be able to handle problems maturely, like working out a disagreement with a person in a civilised adult way.


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Why does being civilised neccesserily mean that you are mature? Survival is a better form of maturity than civilisation