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What's your worst/best memory of high school and why?

I think my favorite memory is hanging out after school for track practice. A bunch of my friends used to be on the team and while we were jogging we really just talked and goofed off.

My worst memory from high school has to be one of the times I got made fun of. I can't exactly think of anything right off the top of my head.


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Best memory... Well that is easy, it's still something I talk about and laugh about with old high school friends to this day. Out of all my crazy adventures in high school this one really tops the cake.

I was having an absolutely terrible day, I was sick, dealing with the death of a relative, and was just a general bummer to be around that that week. Time came for a math class, Geometry to be specific and the teacher already hated dealing with for most the class, he knew I was smart, lazy and a general ass. It was about times for Midterms and he couldn't take my crap anymore.

It way about midway through the class, and it was all about midterm review, which I desperately needed, yet I was sleeping and coughing and pretty much dying throughout the class, I shouldn't of even gone to school. At this point I managed to someone knock all of papers and books accidentally off my desk and to the floor and he just absolutely lost his poop. He just stood up, looked at me with a firey look of rage in his eyes 1,000 times hotter than the sun and told me to get out. I stood up, as pissed off as possible, someone got my stuff and put it all desk for, thanks goes out to that pal, and let out an attaonized prolonged and loud as Hell, "Reeeeeeeeedddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuloooooussssssssssssssss!" before leaving the classroom with everyone either terrified and trying not to piss themselves laughing from my counter to his hot temper and hanging out in the hallway with someone talking about it, in clear view of him and then going to office where I slept the rest of the day and got off Scoot free.

I ended up dropping the class too cus I had no hope of getting through the Midterm that point either, and I'm pretty sure it a story that still floats around the high school too, besides my other antics and trouble-making.

I was the school terrorist and norm challenger, and I couldn't be more proud of it.


Some memories I love from High School/Primary School.

-School camps were great, I loved going hiking through mountains.
-School trip to Russia/France
-Many great excursions
-Lunchtimes with my friends
-Art History classes in Year 12. I had the best teacher and it was amazing.

Memories I don't like

-Stress that comes with a lot of work
-Struggling in classes like maths and science.


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My best memory of high school was the whole first year. On the first day when I stepped inside, it felt like a utopia (especially after my last year in intermediate school was mainly a nightmare). The cafeteria had different food sections, even a dessert shop where I could get parfaits (they were actually puddings.) What was even great about high school, I got out the earliest compared to elementary and middle school. There were even more exciting activities that took place: Homecoming, football games, orchestra concerts, the works!

The worst memories started to come in the beginning of the second semester of my junior year of high school when I felt like I was going blind, until I realized that I needed a new prescription for glasses. To make matters worse, kids from earlier grades started to pick on me despite me telling them so many times to leave me alone. They eventually toned down in my senior year.


Sally Twit
My worst memory is taking up smoking because I wanted to impress my friends. I didn't even want to get in to it, but I felt I had to in order to avoid being made fun of.

My best memory is the friends I had. There were five of us and we were really close at the time. Even though I am only in touch with one of them today, I still enjoyed the times we shared and I'll never forget them.


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I met my girlfriend of four years in highschool so that was definitely one of the best memories I ever have of that school. I've met great people there, created friendships that are still going on today.

I loved early years of high school, I did nothing but fuck and muck around and still achieve high grades, it confused the life out of my teachers.



The end.
My first serious girlfriend.
Vandalizing the school.
The friends I had back then.


The beginning.
The end.
Breaking up with my first serious girlfriend.
My favorite teacher leaving.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
My best memories of high school are mostly just hanging out with friends, goofing off, giving teachers a hard time, going to parties, etc. There were a few classes I really enjoyed, one of them being gym, and the others being my architecture/engineering classes. I definitely miss those. Graduating was also a great memory.


Free Spirit
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I think my best memories of high school was going to basket ball games, prom, hanging out with friends. It being finally over.

Having a crazy principle for one year and watching him kick another student after knocking him on the ground. Prom because I caught my boyfriend with another girl. Told him to stay right where he was I had no use for him anymore. Never talked to him again but he asked my best friend about me.