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Have you ever had a teacher that meant a lot to you that changed your entire look of school. Maybe someone who had some sort of impact on you good or bad.

The most memorable teacher I've had would br Mrs Chandellor, all the years leading up to the first class with her I didn't have any desire for school it was just what you went to because you had to, I was a soft rebel you know the class clown. But as soon as I got into her class you could feel the aura that she wasn't going to take any shit and she didn't.

It's because of her that I'll be graduating high school.


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In high school, I had a teacher named Mr. B.H. Smith. We called him B.H. most of the time, but Smith was awesome.

IS awesome, still.

He teaches 20th century history. Manson murders, Watergate, Hitler (his favorite subject to make fun of), fashion in the 80s. All of it.

He told the best stories about when he went to Penn State. He's brilliant in teaching (AND writing. He's been working on a movie called "Dark Horse." They're still trying to get the cast list set up... but it's a work in progress...).

I still go talk to him if I need a reference or have questions on my college history work. I know he won't make me feel stupid for asking.


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Mr Howker springs to mind for me. He was an old teacher that would walk around outside on breaks smoking a pipe. He would make class a lot of fun but wouldn't take any shit either. He made learning enjoyable and was always there to cheer pupils up when they were feeling down. When my cousin died I was only 11 and he was there to help me through the day. I just wanted to be at home with my mum because she was so depressed but I wasn't allowed. I remember Mr Howker sat me down and started telling me a story. I can't for the life of me recall what it was about but I remember he made me smile.


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My English teacher, Ms. Suyu. She talked to me one time and said she appreciated my written works and wished I wasn't so shy to participate more in class, especially in oral activities. She told me she believes in my capacity to excel in it. I never thought about it before. I always thought I was doing meh. Her talk boosted my confidence and I started to appreciate my own work. I joined English quiz bees, tried out for declamation performances, and started writing for the Features section of the school paper.

Then I have this music teacher, Bro. Buddy (he's a seminarian). I still remember the first song he taught the class, "My hat it has three corners..." :lol: He made music class very interesting and also encouraged me to try out for the school glee club. From that year, I've always been involved in the club until the year I graduated. I was its president and got a leadership award for it. I haven't stopped singing then. I founded a university choir later on and sang professionally after.


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I'm not sure about good impacts, but we definitely had some teachers that had negative impacts on school experience. Our art teacher especially.

She told us she was too old to get fired so she didn't have to do anything. When i asked her why i got kicked out for stuff everybody did she said "well, i don't like you". When one of the students said he wanted her to actually teach us something she said "that's not my job", and she randomly left classes without coming back. There's lists of stuff really.

She was the ultimate example of everything that was wrong with our school rolled into one!


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My highschool history teacher, (don't know if it's correct)Mr. Pavlov - Павлов. I really hated history but him even more. He didn't like me either. At the time of my highschool education, my history marks were like D or E.
I suppose that he wouldn't like me even if I were keen on history.
Anyway I passed and I'm really happy that I'll never (I hope) have to get along with him.
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I have had quite a few teachers that really obviously cared about their jobs and their students significantly more than others, and they are the teachers that I can remember.

I had one teach Mr. Rob, he was my choral director in High School and not only was he one of the best in the country, but he loved his students. He was always available to help or to offer advice or a listening ear. He was really in tune with everything and had a great sense of humor and made every day a lot of fun.

In college my most memorable teacher is my Math 103 teacher. It was just basic college algebra which is insanely easy for me, but for the people who really did understand he was the best instructor. I have never seen anyone so good at making people understand a subject. He walked everything through and had some way of really making people understand. He was really funny and it was very evident that he loved his job and wasn't there because it was pay but because it was something he wanted to do and enjoyed doing.

I also had a wonderful psychology teacher she made the class interesting for all 300 and some of us, but she was also one of my most hated at the same time cause some how her teacher's assitant lost my final exam and refused to work with me to fix the problem and that resulted in my A going to a D which was absolutely made me mad, and the dean didn't seem to care much either. That was a real bummer
I remember a few of the good teachers I've met, most memorable being Mrs Verwey, my final year English teacher. Now there was a teacher who pushed us to our full potential.

She asked us once what mark we'd expect for our finals to which I replied just enough for me to pass. She was outraged saying I know I can get a distinction. Looking back Verwey could read people well, since I did get a distinction in English.


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Mrs. Wilhelm in the eighth grade. Four foot high, three foot wide, silver-haired and staunchly Victorian, she somehow made me care about the quality of language I used and brought to class a sense of connection between what we were doing there and what I might be doing now. Cantankerous, waddling, powder-smelling, squeaky-shoed Mrs. Wilhelm - what a doll.


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My Physics teacher, Mr. Damiani. I have him now, actually. Just a few days left.

Every couple weeks he would take a day and talk to the seniors about their future, give us advice, etc..

He's also very funny, and he's best friends with the other physics teacher, so they are always talking to each other, because their classes are right next to each others.