Memorable poker experiences


Certified Shitlord
What are some memories you have of the poker games you've played, good or bad?

I remember a game I played with a few friends of mine and I made it to heads-up with this one guy who had been trashing everyone. I was low on chips because I had pretty much watched him mop the floor with everyone. I doubled up through him twice on very close plays. The third hand we played heads up, I had pocket queens. He had pocket kings. I called the all in and he followed. The flop came up K,8,7. Terrible for me, it pretty much meant that I had lost because I needed two queens.

Yep, I got 'em. Queen on the turn and a queen on the river.

Damn that feels good.


Well that's sweet.. but unfortunately my biggest memory wasn't a good one...

There was 3 people left, and I was the chip leader by a decent amount. I had Ace King so I bet some, and the other guy called. He had pocket 3's (i didn't know this at the time) So anyway the flop comes up Q-J-3. So I needed a 10 for a straight. The next card to come up is a 10, I have a straight, I push the other guy all in. He called immediately thinking that I didn't have the straight, but I did. So I'm celebrating about how I'm definitely going to win, and I mean if I won this hand I would definitely win the whole thing, and then the river comes up a 3. I was stunned. And then I didn't have that many chips left, and lost my all in to the same guy.


For a Free Scotland
In Hold 'Em deuces wild heads-up, I was dealt 2-2 and three jacks showed up in the course of the hand. The heavy betting concluded with my opponent showing four Jacks and taking in the pot, followed by my five Jacks being thrown down.

Online, I once got five people to call me all-in when I had the nuts. That doesn't count, because online play money poker is like that all the time. Still pretty funny, as that kind of money allowed me to move to the huge play money tables and roll with the high roller nerds.
Five of us had been playing various types of poker through the night, and the majority of the chips were between me and one of my friends... We decided to play a game of five-card draw for the hell of it, and the cards were dealt. I recieved 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of clubs, and was sure I would win... both me and the friend with comparable chips to me bet high, while the others folded. Neither of us exchanged any cards, and we both went all in. I was still confident I would win, cause the odds of a straight flush are next to nothing. We showed eachother our hands, and he had the 8, 9, 10, jack, queen of diamonds.

Such bullshit.


A Darker Knight
We were just playing regular five cards per hand poker, but we added chips and stuff, and I was losing bad so I put all my chips in for about 4 straight hands and I won all of them. After that, I started to lose again and my luck kind of ran out so I lost...
I remember I was on an Ace high flush so I pushed this guy all in. This was a tournament and we were the last time. So heads up and I've got the guy pushed all in with a nut flush. It continues on and a 4 5 6 of hearts pops up. no worries, low and behold he held a 7 8 of hearts. So he doubled up.

I still had about double his chips.

Next hand c omes around. I land 8 9 spades. Betting ensues nothing big...flop comes 10 J 7 of spades. Long story short. I push all in he calls. He shows A Q spades.

So I beat him with the straight flush. It was just funny to take him out after he doubled up on the same instance.


I was playing in a tournament, there were alot of tables, but it came down to a table where I was sitting with one of my buddies that I went to the tournament with. This was no limit, and I am a pretty good bluff because I don't have a game and people find me a risk to make sure bluffs on.

I got dealt a 9H and a 9S

KH, QH, 9D --> JH, 10H

I was celebrating...not a bad straight flush to have, 9, 10, j, q, friend --- that bastard shows his hand and he has a FRIGGEN A OF HEARTS. The bastard got a royal flush.