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Movies Memoirs of a Geisha



I started watching this last night and didn't finish it because it was getting late. But so far what I have seen has been really good. I read the book in 8th grade and that was ages ago for me. But I look forward to watching the rest of it. The movie is mesmerizing, enchanting, emotional. I found myself during certain parts nearly crying because it was so sad seeing what Chiyo and her sister Satsu (I believe her name was), had gone through in being sold by their own father. For those of you who haven't read the book or see the movie it's about this girl named Chiyo along with her sister Satsu being sold by their father. Then the two sisters become separated and Chiyo is forced to become a slave of this okiea and soon to perhaps become a geisha, which is some of kind of entertainer. The story goes through Chiyo's failures, triumphs, struggles, etc. The movie doesn't exactly go by the book but for the most part it seemed to. Though I don't remember the story to well just little parts. The beginning is different from movie to book. In the book they don't go exactly to the part where the children get sold away but actually Chiyo describes her homeland and her house and basically their are a few chapters or so that go into her life before she was sold away. But overall I still have been enjoying the movie so much.


OMG, this is the best movie of 2006, the actress' did a phenominal job at learning English and making the movie very moving and breath-taking to the viewers. I love the fact that all three main actress' were in diffenet martial arts movies (Crouching Tiger, Hero). Yet when you see them in this movie its amazing that their not running up walls pwning people at random, lol. Very good movie, I recommend it :D


I loved this movie. It made me cry because Chiyo was amazing and I felt her pain and such. When bad things happened I just wanted to go up and hug her. I have the book and I started reading it, so far I like it. But nothing can compare to how well the did the movie.
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