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Melina's injury legit, Batista note


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Saw this on rajah.com. Looks like a coupl of real injuries last night.

-- While it seemed to play right into the storyline regarding the announcers switch, Melina suffered a legitimate ankle injury tonight on Raw during the Divas tag match. On the Raw homepage they wrote: "On Raw, Melina severely injured her ankle during a tag encounter with her fellow Divas." The WWE site posted a video of medics tending to her ankle injury backstage, which was heavily bandaged. The video shows a close-up of Melina's swollen ankle, proving that the injury is legit.

-- Batista was obviously busted open hard way during the tri-branded 15-man battle royal tonight on Raw. What happened is that Batista collided head-to-head with Edge by accident, which triggered the burst of blood


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Batista collided head-to-head with Edge by accident, which triggered the burst of blood
i thought that was supposed to happen.. and there i was thinking Mcman's attack was real. :lol:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It didn't really look good when Melina landed on her two feet, she landed really hard. Hopefully she wont be out to long, shes improved a lot in recent weeks.

The collision between Edge and Batista looked pretty bad, at first I thought it was planned but after thinking about it, it didn't look like it was scripted, hopefully nothing will to serious.


Ouch. At one point you could hear Nattie ask "Are you OK?" while punching her during the match. That was sweet of her.

I hope they both recover. I don't like seeing them suffer real injuries. :'(