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Mega Millions jackpot soars to $540 Million Dollars!


Hell, It's about time!
This is the highest jackpot in history ever. This is over half a billion dollars. Someone, somewhere is gonna shit their pants come Friday.

Mega Millions jackpot hits record $500M - YouTube

So with all that money, how would you spend it and what would you do? After you clean your pants from the sudden uncontrollable discharge of fecal matter that is...

After a cash lump sum I would be looking at $390-410 Mil or so... after taxes somewhere you are looking around $250-290 Mil give or take.

  • I'd give 15% of it to my parents so they can retire and live comfortably.
  • I'd give money to everyone I am related to, not as much, but enough so they can get some nice things and pay off all their debt.
  • I'd give my co-workers some money to help them out. Most of them are struggling financially.
  • I'd give money to my closest friends... Not the ones who suddenly want to be my friends after I win. I know who my real friends are now. They would get a nice pay out.
  • I'd pay all my debt.
  • I'd buy a few cars.
  • Obviously I'd have a Fort Knox sized arsenal of guns and ammo of every kind, including class 3 firearms.
  • I'd give a million or so to my ex-wife to shut her up and get her off my back.
  • I'd take her to court first before I gave her anything to get 50/50 custody of my son.
  • I'd build a modest (Not overly 'Hey I have a shit ton of money' type house on a fair plot of land where I could hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors, I wouldn't want some mansion... it's just not me.
  • I'd have one hell of a man cave.
  • I'd open a business to build computers and hire people since it is my passion, that or a gun store.
  • I'd fly ALL of my family first class to travel in the Caribbean, then take a cruise while there. Then I'd take another trip to Europe.
  • I would also be extremely generous with my money. I would help people who really need the help. Not the ones who beg. There is a clerk at a convenience store that I stop in every morning to get my Mountain Dew. Her husband needs open heart surgery. I know she is struggling and I'd be the kind of guy that says "Get whatever you need done and send me the bill".
  • I'd also start an organization to really crack down on government abuse and help people who are bullied by bureaucratic unaccountable government agencies, I would help these people financially in order fight the feds legally and to right the injustice in court.
  • Obviously I'd be one of those people who'd be like "Oh I like that... I want it"... Even thought I've lived my whole life without one, suddenly I need it because I saw it on TV or in the store and I would like it.
  • I'd stock my fridge with Mountain Dew and B&J Chocolate Fudge brownie ice cream :lick:
I'd also take about 10% of the total winnings and invest it stock, IRA's and mutual funds. So 10% of $290 million is 2.9 million. At 2.9 million say at 5% (I could live off the interest @ 145K a year alone) and I'd still have that 90% lump sum to roll around in, assuming I could spend it all. But with proper investment of that 10%, after all the nice things I'd bought I could live off that interest and still be able to afford the property taxes, business etc.. with those interest payments. In short I could live of the interest of the rest of my life and never go broke because I would have invested my money wisely so I would have a source of income assuming I burned through the rest.

This is where people go wrong and end up broke. Once the money is gone and there are no investment or IRA's... once you are broke. It's game over. You have a $500k house and no way to pay the taxes... Then you loose it and are stuck with a shit ton of debt and no money.

Also if you buy say $2-3 million in precious metal Gold, Silver and Platinum, it's a second safety net since it has intrinsic value and will always be a valuable tangible asset.

Enough rambling... How would you spend it?
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Well-Known Member
uhmmm :rolleyes:. 10% of $290M is definitely $29M not $2.9M :lol:

Anyway what would I do with that money?

It's really simple actually.

  • Go on a Caribbean Cruise
  • Travel Europe, Africa, Australia, and parts of Asia.
  • New Subaru Outback
  • New Land Rover
  • New Jeep Rubicon (in green)
  • Build a sweet house
  • Home Theater (with 4k 3D, 9.2 Surround)
  • Everything ever made by Nintendo
  • Donate at least 10% to local churches and charities.
  • Keep the rest for later.

I'd sit on the rest of it and just write my book cause that's what I've always wanted to do. It would be the perfect life cause I'm not an idiot with money. :lol:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There would be so many things I could do with that type of money.

-Buy new cars
-Get a personal trainer
-Travel the world
-Get a nutritionist
-Buy my own gym
-Go to every possible sporting events that I can
-Buy several houses and condo's. Rent some of them out
-Give money to some family and friends
-Buy a cottage, sea doo's and boats

There's so many more things but those are the main ones.


Where is my Queen?
You have better chances getting struck by lightning twice within the same hour than you do to have to win this lottery. With that being said me and my Dad bought $50 worth of tickets each.

If I were to win, I would quit my job, buy a nice house by the golf course, and invest about 30% of my winnings. That's about it.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
You also have more chance to die in an avalanche 160 more times than winning this jackpot. The odds are 1 out of 175 million people.

Good luck to whoever bought tickets. Think of the little people if you do end up winning.


New Member
Personally, I think some old fart will win it and bought the ticket in some out of the way country store...hahahaha I only bought 1 ticket if its meant to be then it's meant to be. I would do what the woman in RI did...I would take it in a lump sum payout and put it in a trust that way should I die my family can still use the money.

What I would do:
pay off all my bills (ie: house, cars, credit card debt)
add onto the house that I currently live in as I live on a 1/2 acre and have more than enough room to add on.
pay off all debt that my family has
travel !
Start my own Charity and start helping the homeless Vets in American rather than send money to countries over seas like our government does.
not sure if I would quit my job....I've been unemployed....it gets boring after awhile maybe just go to part-time:nod:
and of course I would have to pay the HUGE medical bill I would incur after finding out that I won... :lol:

my husband and I have always been very modest people and can afford now to do the things we want to do so I am pretty sure that you wouldn't be seeing us on the "how the lottery ruined our lives" TV show. that is what happens when you are a greedy person.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Jackpot now reported to be worth 640 million.

This is amazing to me. Two days ago, after no one won the Tuesday draw, they set it at $476 million. So in two days and a few hours it's gone up $164 million based on extra and new players. It normally starts at $20 million and takes at least three weeks to get up to $164 million. In this case, it went up by that amount in about 54 hours worth of buying.


Where is my Queen?
Some co-workers and I decided to put in $20 each on tickets, and just got done buying 160 tickets. Man that and my 100 tickets between me and my Dad just increase out chances by .000000025%. :lol: Just wasting money.
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Maryland, Illinois and Kansas each had a winner. $213M each before taxes.

That's incredible. Good for those people.
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