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Meeting people of Fame


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I have met in my life time two people who could be classified as famous and one who is not so famous but I was still chuffed to meet. I met Princess Ann when I was 11 or 12 and only remember that I as pleased that we got out of school early. A few years ago I met the UK Political Comedian Mark Thomas which was wonderful as I love his work and never thought I would ever meet him. The semi famous was a YouTuber at an Indie Wrestling show who I followed. I had roughly a ten minute conversation and bought him a beer.

The thing is on these occasions I had no clue what to say. I was thinking about this today and thought "if I ever met Kevin Smith" for example "what the hell would I say?", I would probably say "ohmigod you're Kevin Smith" to which he would quite be entitled to say "yes, I know" and then what? He doesn't know me, he has never met me and most likely never will again. It would be like me going up to someone drunkenly in a pub and shouting my name, going wow and then wondering off.

Does meeting famous people mean anything to you? Do you care? Have you ever met someone famous and what did you say?


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That's it? Just two?

This is TMI all over the place for me. Aside from... the TMI...

I've met Sharks players all over the place. If that counts, we're easily talking double-digits. Then there's....... hold up...

I can't remember his name but he's the old black dude from the Channel 2 news station around here who's been on there like forever. Got an award from him for some drawing at arbor day in elementary school. I think it's like someone Richman. Steve... no... meh... Steven... I think. Can't remember. Maybe Richmond.

And then there was J.D. Roth (host of kids show "Fun House") at Marine World when I was tiny. I got an autographed t-shirt from him packed away somewhere.

There's others.

I don't even know if I want to list my Sharks player list, OR in what context "meeting" them counts, as you can probably go to a paid autograph session and "meet" them no problem. And if that counts, then you have to add several A's and Giants players too.

I met a YouTube reviewer once but that doesn't count, as he was one of the many many droves of them out there. Could have met James Rolfe when he stopped by in S.F. but he wasn't on a social trip. We emailed back and forth a little, but that hardly counts.

Ohhhhhh... man...



........ Meh....

*end post*

*Mission: Not Spam accomplished*
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I've met numerous wrestlers through the years and it's still as awesome as the first time every time I meet another one. When you've grown up to admire those guys and gals, you can't help but feel starstruck, even as an adult.


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Oh that reminds me, I met Rikishi. Autograph session. Popeye's chicken. He signed a WWF No Mercy game box for N64. If anyone wants to buy it off me, I can use unloading it. I have no idea what it would be worth but I have one. And could probably use some more cash in that emergency fund since I just unloaded a solid 398 on long overdue computer update/repair expenses. Same goes for all my Sharks autographs.


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I’ve seen several hockey players around this city while walking downtown or at a Wine and Food show. They were Senators players so I didn’t bother shaking their hand or taking a picture with them. I did meet former Montreal Canadiens player, Kirk Muller at a bar. I was pretty hammered when I talked to him. Me and a couple of my friends took a picture with him.


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Here's an interesting twist on the topic I just thought about...

Have you ever met two or more famous people who are totally unrelated to each other but with some weird coincidence about them? So for example...

If you had met Sharks hockey player Melker Karlsson and then the Ottawa Senators all-star (because we, the Sharks, never get the All Star version of these people) Erik Karlsson, that would be one of them.

Personally, I have met neither of those two. That's just an example. BUT... I have met...

Diane Baker:

Diane Baker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And then...

Jamie Baker:

Jamie Baker (ice hockey) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now that's called called a twist!


Not really, no. I've gotten a few autographs as a kid, so I guess that counts.


Yeaaaaaah. Nevermind all that. Haha.
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