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So here I am in Central... Tijuana. I just moved from about an hour and a half down south. I am now in a bigger city but I find myself dumbfounded as to how to make new friends. (Honestly the only friends I had back home were my Taco Bell co-workers. Money destroys friendships; take heed.)

Anyways; bigger city. I come from a shit-kickin' little town that is so full of cowboys that their town motto is "Cowboy capital of the world!" Yeah, it was definitely not the place for me. But I get here and I don't know how to meet people.

When I lived there I was a total outcast. I wear a bunch of black, have long black hair, and my tattoos are becoming more vast by the day. (Can tattoos become vast?) But I am here in the city so I should be able to find more people that I can fit in with, no?

But where? How? Walk into a tattoo parlor and as an artist if he wants to be my friend? No, haha. I'm not a total creep. I could go to shows (concerts) but it would still be awkward. Just standing in a huge crowd of kids 13-26ish who all look the same (with the exception who don't follow the hardcore kid thing) and don't really like the music being played, they just want to be cool. Maybe start talking to someone there randomly? Before the show is over get their number and tell them I will hit them up?

I really suck at this whole meeting people thing.

Now that I think of it I have never had a vast selection of friends at one time. =P
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So here I am in Central... Tiawana.
*cough* TJ *cough* Tijuana *cough*

Walk into a tattoo parlor and as an artist if he wants to be my friend?
actually.....Alot of my sisters friends, and you described yourself as someone my sister would hang out with... do exactly that. They are best buds with their Tattoo Artists and the Artists tend to love it. They get to get their friends drunk and do all kinds of crazy shit to 'em :hah:

Maybe you need to try something different. Give those Hick Types a chance. I come from that Hick-Stock myself, Central California is sorta the Cowboy Capital of Cali :hah: And I was always well open to having all sorts of friends from the City kids that dressed like loons to the mexican kids that could hardly speak English.

Dont limit yourself to just the people you think look like you. Try being outgoing somewhere, sit next to someone and try to strike up a conversation. Whats the worst that can happen? They just think you're a freak? :hah: The best part about that is you never have to see 'em again hahahaha.


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The easiest way to make new friends is at work or school. Otherwise it can be tough. You could try going to bars. Do you like sports? You could join a softball league or something.


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Don't get me wrong. I don't mind having oddly friends, I just have the chance to fit in with someone now and not be the weird(est) one and I wanna take it! Lol. I am cool with everyone; but everyone is not cool with me.

But at the same time, I have a problem with people that fit with me.

I hate to be stereotypical; I REALLY hate to because I hate stereotypes, but I'm gonna vouch right now that the stereotype on my people of doing drugs and smoking pot is a very accurate one. I became friends in my last town with my tattoo artist and he invited me to chill at his appt one day after doing some work on my arm, so I went over there. I didn't think anything of it because when I had asked him about getting in the door as a tattoo artist he said "Stay off the dope." And when people say dope, lots of the time they mean bud as well as any other drug.

So I get to his appt and he automatically busts out the bong. I don't smoke; it depresses me, and I am on probation. So I have to find people that will accept me, possibly share some interests as me, won't get me in trouble or pressure me into smoking, snorting, dropping, popping, plugging, or thuggin. =P

Why not go to a bar or some other social place, and just try to talk to people?
The easiest way to make new friends is at work or school. Otherwise it can be tough. You could try going to bars. Do you like sports? You could join a softball league or something.
I'm only twenty. People laugh at me when I don't drink at the bar, haha. And I have met some really weird people at the bar. This one old man real estate appraiser still stalks me because I'm his only friend. It's sad, really.

And sports and I do not click anymore. I'm a musical, artistic kind of guy. Not a sporty, athletic kind.
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You should join a club or a society or get a hobby. Anywhere where people who have an interest in the same things meet.

You say you like music, maybe you could see about joining a music group or band, or even discussing music or whatever it is you like to do with music!

You should use the internet to find out about local activities and groups in your local area and enquire about them.

Or you could just sit on a bench somewhere in the park and wait till someone talks to you :hah:


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I went to the mall. =P

I ended up just circling the damn place like ten times and leaving.

How weird would that be if you were at the mall and some random guy walked up to you "Hey, are you from around here?" Basically saying "Hey, I'm a total loner."



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Icegoat is Def right, imo. I have all kinds of friends and one of my best friends is a LOT diff than me. Just for examples. Donnie's a redneck and luvs rodeos, Deb's an auto-mechanic and her GF's a "might-be" fashion model, Jess is kind of like an old hippie, Nancy's a hardcore Christian, and Sway has rainbow hair with beads in it and a nose ring. Even made a new friend, today, while me and some guys were buildin a snow dragon! She just walked up to look at the dragon and was really nice! The best way to make friends, I think, is just to be friendly. Think I've made almost as many friends, just doing stuff, as I have at school.
When my cousin and I were around 10-13 our parents took us to Laughlin, Nevada. While we were together my cousin (a girl) had the most guts of anybody I've ever met. We went up to random people in casinos (I'm surprise they didn't kick us out. haha - much more relax than Vegas. >.<;) and chatted with them. We basically took them off guard and started chatting away. Surprisingly enough, the people weren't bothered or weirded out. They joined our conversation and had what seemed a good chat. And, if we for some strange reason we bumped into them again we chatted some more. Hmm... now that I think about it that probably wasn't the best idea. 10-13 year olds talking to random strangers. Ha, didn't get kidnapped and groped. >.<;

I don't know if that'll work since you're older than 10-13, and people didn't seem to have a problem with 10-13 year olds coming up to them. Might be strange having a grown person coming up to you making instant conversation.

Maybe you can start out getting some co-workers as friends, or perhaps check out Craigslist. I know that seems weird, but sometimes people make weird requests like that. =P
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I'm with Nix on this one. Find some sort of group or youth club that specialises in something you're interested in and you'll meet people that way.