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Meeting new people: Pleasant or inconvenient?


"Expect the unexpected"
Most days, if not everyday we come into contact with, are introduced to or accidentally stumble/bump into people we have never met before; new people. This could be via the internet, a friend, the phone or personal contact. Sometimes the experience is pleasant, life changing or a mere inconvenience. However, whenever or wherever it happens:

Do you enjoy meeting new people? If "no" Why?
If "yes" ......then, What you do to facilitate/make easier contact with new people?


Registered Member
I love meeting new people. To make it easier? I don't know. I don't normally find anything difficult about it so I just go with the flow.

I have noticed that I'm much more open in a person-to-person scenario vs. online communications. I don't know what it is about being in chat rooms or forums, but I just don't feel like I can properly convey myself. *shrugs*


Well-Known Member
I really don't like meeting new people, especially right now as i'm moving countries. It requires so much effort to start off a new friendship. I have to make the effort to return calls and texts, and actually be nice before I can drop back to the usual sarcasm. Then, all that effort for nothing as i'm moving overseas in 3 months. Heh, I guess i'm just lazy right now haha


Ms. Malone
I prefer meeting new people online, i can be myself and most of my closest friends i've met through the net.

Meeting new people in general is annoying, especially in my area as there are few people who i share the same interest with; but if i do meet someone with the same interests we never keep in regular touch anyway.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I like meeting new people, doesn't mean I have to become buddy-buddy with this person, but if they have the same interest as I do(especially sports) then we have something to talk about.

Sometimes it's a hit or miss when you meet new people, but it's usually a hit for me for the most part.


I like to meet new people but that depends on my mood.
At this time of my life, I'd meet only persons for certain interests and not real friends. I'm comfortable with friends I have and not interested in getting to know more [just now].


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I'm in between. I don't mind it really but its not the most exciting thing in the world either.

I meet a ton of new people all the time because of my job and I've gotten used to it. It's okay.


Living on the 0th floor
I love meeting new people. I am outgoing, social, and I really enjoy people in general, so for me it is exciting to meet someone new. As a part of the medical field, especially in radiology, I am going to meet easily dozens of new people a day. Sure, they are merely acquaintances, but it is still something I enjoy a lot.

I can't say I do anything to make it easier to meet new people... I just go about my normal day and I am likely to come in contact with someone new, like you stated in the OP.


Registered Member
I like very much to meet new people. Where I live we have many to visit in summer months from many places of the world, and is to me nice to meet these people and talk of places they come from or about where I live. Some I keep contact with still today lol.


yellow 4!
I like meeting new people if I'm on my own. If I'm with others that I already know, I don't like it so much. Don't ask why, cause I don't really know. :dunno: I think maybe it could be more to do with the size of the group. The more people, the more self-conscious I get about being shy. If it's a small group or just myself and this new person, I'm much more comfortable meeting them.

Oh, that and I love to do psychoanalysis on each noob I meet. :tiptoe: