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Amusing Meeting celebrities


I'm serious
Have you met any celebrities? Are you the type of person to approach a celebrity and ask for an autograph or picture or even just to say hello and shake their hand maybe? Would you make an effort to meet them, as in find out where they are if they are maybe in your town and go to that place and wait for them?

Which celebrities have you met?

I am the least star struck person. I would make no effort to meet a celebrity. Johnny Depp was in the same town as me and I still didn't make any kind of effort to find him and see him. That should say it all right there.

Celebrities I have met are:

(the below ones I met while working in the hotel in New Orleans, they were all our guests and I either checked them in or out)
Ice & Coco
Amy Smart
Katie Perry
Tom Jones

(the below celebrities I saw on the street, but didn't approach them in any way)
The Rock
Nicolas Cage
Angelina Jolie

The only somewhat celebrity I met that I did happen to take a picture of us together was Francois Pienaar, The SA rugby team captain during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. He's famous enough to have Matt Damon portray him in Invictus, so it counts. :lol:

How about you? Who have you met?


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All the people I have met aren't really ones that could be classed as celebrities, just well known in the UK. I have met Jamie Baulch, Iwan Thomas and Kriss Akabusi who are all British athletes. I went to see Jimmy Carr (comedian) in 2010 and waited afterwards to get his autograph, we had a short chat too, he was really nice.

I have seen Prince Charles, didn't get to actually meet him though. When I was at Primary School he visited the Army base nearby and the whole school went to wave flags and stuff.

I am not too bothered by celebrities though. I wouldn't go out of my way to meet one, but I could be tempted to say Hi to one if the opportunity presented itself and I liked them.

Edit: Didn't notice this was in Movies and TV :lol: Kriss Akabusi kind of counts as he used to present a tv programme called Record Breakers, Jimmy Carr presents a few shows and the others have been on telly at some point :D
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4 legs good 2 legs bad
I saw Muhammad Ali on the street in San Francisco. There were a lot of people going up to him and shaking his hand, but I didn't want to bother him so I just took his picture.

I also saw Melissa Stark, a sports reporter, on the beach in Delaware.

I can't think of any others that I've seen outside of sporting events and such. I really don't care about celebrities and have no interest in meeting many of them. They are just people like the rest of us.


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I have never seen any celebrity in person. But i would like to talk to Tim Allen. He is always in the best tv shows. Also I think I would like meeting to Rowan Atkinson because of all the great shows that he has been in. I would never be one of those people that go up to them and ask for a picture and signature.


Free Spirit
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If I saw a celebrity I wouldn't approach them. I would give them a quick look but that would be as far as I would go with it. I doubt I would run over and start talking to them or asking for an autograph. If we happened to be in the same place and had reason to talk then I would talk to them.


Sally Twit
I wouldn't ever seek out a celebrity, but if I had the opportunity to meet them after a show I'd seen then I definitely would.

Most of you won't know these people, but I met Terry Nutkins, Lorraine Kelly and John Partridge.

Terry Nutkins came to my school to talk to us about animals, Lorraine Kelly was at my sister's graduation for some reason and John Partridge was in the pantomime last year.