Mediocre animes


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So how many mediocre animes have you seen in entirety.

Dont list animes you started and then realize they werent that good and didnt finish.

That is at the end you went "eh it was alright not really good but not really bad either"

-Please Teacher/Please twins
-Black Cat

Forgot some:
-Chrno Crusade

theres probably more but those come to mind first.


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Well I can only think of some right now(I'll post some more later when I think of them).


They just were ok for me. I heard a ton of good things about both but they both let me down.


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I'd problably watch these if I had nothing else to do, good enough to watch but not fall in love with:

Big O
Pilot Candidate
Dragonball GT


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I would have to say Trigun. I thought it was pretty good, but it's nothing that I would buy or anything like that.