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Medical School


New Member
I want to become a surgeon and I'm a senior in high school. I goofed off my entire high school career which was a stupid horrible decision but it was one that I made and no point bitching about the past. I recently decided it is what I want to do but it's so damn expensive for schooling. I know it'll be hard but through hard work and dedication anyone can do anything if they don't have learning disabilities. So scholarships are out of the question cause I plan on taking a year or so between high school and college, it's something I have to do. So, will student loans get me through? I know I will probably be paying them off for the rest of my life which sucks fucking dick, but for someone who knows about this; will it be hard to pay off the debt? Will I be able to manage? If I somehow don't find a job right afterwords I think I will kill myself.